C++ Qt 03 - Intro to GUI programming

Everyone has to start somewhere, here is the intro to Qt C++ GUI programming

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3:00 "lemme pause the video for a minute my cat needs some attention" XD insta subscribe
Thx For making it short and to the point :)
Thanks for sharing
Lol,no me esperaba lo del gato.
Can you show us how to call a function of an extern x64 assembly file?
Note: If Desing button is inactive, first select Forms>mainwindow.ui in Edit mode
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What is the mean in “group LA"?is there an error when translating?please help
Damn i paused the video like 4 times to hear where the cat noise was coming from! haha
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Note: If Qt does not list the option Qt GUI Application, then Click Qt Widgets Application, it will create the same application. That had me stuck for a bit.
Thank you so much for this!!
So can u make iOS/ android based gui softwares with QT??
So GUI application is now called widget application >>
I don't have the option of GUI, I have Qt Quick UI. Also my mainFrom has the extension of mianform.ui.qml. Help please
Button didn't appear.. please help
Thumbed up video b/c I learned how to close my programs. Thanks ;)
Wow! I've been using KDE for years and I've never known of this amazing program.  Many thanks for these wonderful videos! This will really help me to build native apps and make my life easier.
You have placed pushbutton on the form but... were is his constructor? srry 4 my eng
3:08 MEOW
Feed the cat!
Quick question, do I really need to mess with mainwindow.cpp?
Thnx 4tutorial it helps a lot^^
Can't download as mp4
You're a natural teacher. Thank you for taking the time to post these tutorials!
Thanks buddy
Wonderful tutorials :) Thank you. PS 18F4550videos recommanded you :)
Nice learning!
Great series , keep producing !
8:42 --> It's consumed by a SLUT
+1 pacat
I am getting two errors while  compiling the pushButton :-1: erreur : cannot find -lGL :-1: erreur : collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status can any one help me ?
Wowww.,.. I cant find anymore easier and structured learning series for Qt!!! Awesome presentation which trims off all unnecessary dialogues and concentrate only on the topic!!! My search for a better tool, and a better learning site/book/url ends here and my actual learning starts! Thanks a million Bryan!! /o\ Hats off to you.. Keep on rocking!!!!
Dude QT is awesome!
Using .ui file is so simple and its no very powerfull thing... Cat know it too :D
I get an error when creating the running the program.  As follows,  /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [Gui] Error 1 21:34:32: The process "/usr/bin/make" exited with code 2. Error while building/deploying project Gui (kit: Desktop Qt 5.3.0 GCC 64bit) When executing step 'Make' Any ideas?... Obviously its missing the -IGL fule... 

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C++ Qt 03 - Intro to GUI programming