C++ Qt 02 - hello world

A simple hello world application in QT

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I do not have QT C++ option, can you please help me?
Hello ! can you help me im getting this error message Error while building/deploying project helloworld (kit: Desktop Qt 5.8.0 MSVC2015 32bit) When executing step "qmake"
Hi just wanted to know ,where is the c++ in this?
Just subscribed. Thanks for tutorials.
Please, help, error: Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options.
Error while building/deploying project Hello (kit: Desktop Qt 5.7.0 MSVC2013 32bit) When executing step "qmake"
Hey i'm getting an error : Error while building/deploying project ADI (kit: Desktop Qt 5.7.0 MSVC2015_64bit) When executing step "qmake"
Why it prints out "hello world" instead of hello world (without quotation marks) when using QString?
I am usingQT 4.0.2 on elementry os (linux) . Initially i was getting an issue that my hello.cppfile was being compiled properly , but the terminal won't show up . Finally I found out that my system hadn't that terminal which QT creator was trying to use . To avoid this issue , press ctrl +5 , got to manage kits then go to environment , therein System you will find Terminal with a drop-down menu , just change the terminal and click on apply then ok ,now debug . Bingoooooooo you are done
How small is your screen....: )
Hey.. am not able to run the hello world program! am getting this error .. Could not find make command: make in the build environment Error while building project hello (target: Desktop) When executing build step 'Make' PLESE HELP ME OUT
Very good !!!thanks a lot for your interesting lessons !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interesting how it needs the "hello world" for the debug string, but not for the declared QString.
Suppose I was running a Linux distrobution, and wanted to attempt to to write and compile all of my code from the terminal. Is that actually possible, or can you not do that with Qt? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. I'm not exactly the most knowledgeable person on programing purely from the terminal.
Is there a way to print program outputs in the "Application Output" tab or any other tab, instead of in a window console? It's pretty annoying having to close the console every time after I run my program to check the outputs.
Thank you
I keep getting "Cannot obtain a handle to the inferior: The parameter is incorrect."
At 00:18 there is the option of GUI, I don't have that option on mac, there's is how ever UI option. Is this the same thing?
Did you notice how qDebug() << mStr; includes the quotation marks in the console display, but not when you you just qDebug() << "Hello World"; ?
Do you have a Patreon account?
I'm getting error C3861 : qdebug identifier not found#
I installed Qt Creator and qt-sdk on Linux Mint Debian Edition and I don't have the Qt C++ Project option. Why is that? EDIT: Never mind, I got it. They changed things around a bit with the new Qt version.
Can i work with qt on Eclipse IDE ?
When i make new project, i have to choose a kit, but i cant choose any... Help please?
When he used the QString variable and runs the program it displays in quotations "hello horld". Why?
Strange how the qDebug prints out hello world without quotes, and when he does a qDebug << mStr; it prints out "hello world" WITH quotes... why is that?
Thank, you are very good teacher
You deserve my subscription captain!I'm at your disposal.Hail to cpt.Bryan!!!
Thank you 
Thanks Brian.
That is weird that it outputted with quotes.
Using QT creator 4, I am getting an error ,when i run it ,it says please to close this window and in Application output this shows up : Starting /media/vivek/New Volume1/CODE/take_final/build-take3-Desktop-Debug/take3... Cannot execute '/media/vivek/New Volume1/CODE/take_final/build-take3-Desktop-Debug/take3': Permission denied /media/vivek/New Volume1/CODE/take_final/build-take3-Desktop-Debug/take3 exited with code -1
Coming to this from a Lua programming point is a bit weird, specially as I was a beginner. It's weird to think that qDebug is this language's code for printing out text.
I don't understand. it runs, but when i choose to debug it it says the complier hasn't been chosen. that's wierd.... how do i set it up and which one should i use
My console is blank. It isn't outputting. Qt Creator 2.4.1 (based on 4.8.0) on Ubuntu. Solved: Tools>Options>Environment>Terminal> xterm -e  It will now show the output.
Great tutorial! It's easy and simple!
At 1:27 you say "SELECT MENU" What the hell are you talking about... When I click on "Type Here" it does not appear to do a damn thing. I can type but nothing changes or new is created and no drop down of choices appears!!!

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