C++ Qt 01 - Introduction to QT programming

Using the QT framework with C++ and the Qt Creator IDE

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Hey Brain, your video tutorials are always great!! thanks. I am wondering if you have any clue howcan we create pyplots in side a Main Window to plot data.
Every programmer I've ever heard say QT sais Q T not cute.
What Qt mean? what stand for?
1:43 hahaha
Thank you so much from the first until the last one 155th....
Sorry! but what is the meaning of "cross platform"? thank you.
I loved your definition to NOKIA : " Nokia makes a lot of phones " simple and easy XD
Damn, I thought this was a tutorial on how to look cute.
I am not getting the QT GUI application option in my versiion (5.7)... WHAT DO I DO? PLEASE HELP
Thanks for the history background.
Very good
Hi Brian, I am a newbie using qt and qml. I was wondering if you can create basic tutorials on wire-frame rendering in qt. Just to have grasp a basic understanding of handling meshes in terms of storing vertex and faces, automatically finding points on the .obj images eg: the highest points.
Please provide tutorials for real time plotting using qcustomplot. It will be very helpful to me. Thanks
It good tuto think
Damn it, 161 videos more to download, dont you have like full video? I learn a lot with you guys, but it sucks when i have to download that many videos to get it all...
Dude, you actually use internet explorer?
Ewwww internet explorer
Thanks you so much
I like hidden voodoo.
How big differences is between QT 4 and QT 5? Is this tutorial compatible with QT 5? :)
Is it recommended to start learning Qt here since this is already 4 years old?
It would be very help full if you putt all video in one in order to make it easy to download.
Thanks a lot! I am going to learn qt and I'm sure your videos can help me. :)
Excellent tutorial on Qt... thanks for sharing...
Hi Mr.Brian, I have an existing C++ project. Simply a collection of .cpp and .h files were build through code::blocks compiler, can I import them directly to QT project??? and make GUI for them
Can you sell LGPL applications?
Now officially nokia has been shut down can you guide me how to install qt sdk.
Why your videos not HD?????????????
It seems like the licensing has changed:  They ask for a monthly subscription for commercial (closed source) use. Am I reading it right? If so, that will be a no-go for many developers.
It is a good video course
Excelent!!! the evolution of this world, because the daring, between uses is leading to complete new way of learning and developing, and working
Thanks a lot for this great series
This set of tutorials is just spectacular!
Your voice is kind of QT.
Cute :D
I just start to learn Qt and your tutorials help me a lot. Thanks man!
Can anybody tell me how to change the color of title bar through these qt style sheet
Thanks for the tutorials man!!
Thanks for sharing man.
Will I have to do something different while using Qt on Ubuntu. (Different as in Saving ,Compiling ,Running?)
It seems that qt.nokia.com no longer exists. I downloaded from qt-project.org, but I don't know if it is the official website for Qt.
Its rally good and helpful for me Thanks
"Qt Creator 3.0.1" :D
Thank you. Very valuable course. 
Hi I need qt tutorial in depth. could you please provide any document or videos or anything which will gives me depth knowledge of QT. Thanks
Which file path is to given to add a compiler. i have problem adding compiler lease tell me which files to download and what debugger to use ....and what all is required to run a simple program in qt from start
Did you block download extensions? My download tool doesn't show up with these videos...It's annoying to keep filtering through your page for the right video I need.
Hello, sir. I have installed the latest 5.5 in my window 10 desktop, unfortunately the design menu is always grayed out. Do you know what can be the reason? I didn't notice any error when installation. Thanks in advance!
Thank you for the tutorial. I'm going to watch some of them again, but this looks like a much better for tool programming than C#. Plus it's cross platform. I'll defineately give it a try, as I'm a C++ programmer.
How to download source codes ?
Hi, can't you fix your video abou qt? ... tutorial number 10 until 26 are nothing. thanks.
How am I supposed to trust you if you're using Internet Explorer? (The tutorial's good thoug)
I need to compile qt with mysql and postgrees sql??? and i don't know how???
I didn't understand very well the license, currently... if I would like to sell my programs made in qt, have I to pay anything?
Can i create IOS app using Qt ?  Thanks 
Oh man ! Please continue tobring such awesome videos in near future ..... I really need to say that you have done a great job .... bringing such good videos which are reallyexplained to the core concepts which even documentation cannot provide....Thank-you so much.
Thanks Brian
Thanks for tuts, only one thing to note, i really dislike to be sent away, like go here and there, investigate, research, etc, if im here it bcs i've done that and didnt get lots of things, what is so easy for you now, was confusing and frustrating when u started, right?... same here. But love ur consistency, your voice and tempo, i'm glad u made this course and appreciate it
I am green.......hope this series will help me
Hey braian, i would like to ask you, can i open program in C++/QT on Windows/Linux at the same time?
Just download ver 3.0. trying to create an project but it asking for a kit? any got this problem?
Holy shit 141 videos it's like if I were to watch an anime.
Really nice video, thanks for your sharing
For QT5.4 (available today), thigs has changed a little, in comparison to QT4: You start a Qt Console Application and, after, you click right mouse buttton up the existing projet, Add new >> go to QT >> QT designer Form class. This is used to the initial classes. Good luck

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C++ Qt 01 - Introduction to QT programming