C++ GUI with Qt Tutorial - 2 - Creating a Simple Project

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I am very interested in the PyQt bindings for Qt, thank you for these videos so I can get a feel for the UI. Lastly, I found Kotlin (A clean layer on Java that can translate back and forth and use all Java Libraries) absolutely wonderful. It can make Android, or any Java Development much more pleasant Mr. Bucky!
Awesome tutorial.... But when i push button There appears some errors.
There is no "Qt Widget Project" and "Qt Gui Application" at me... help? :c
:-1: error: File Makefile.Debug doesn't exist when building
I dont see any files
"obviously you can see whenever you do that, it takes you to the code" happened to noone using any different version than the guy in the tutorial...
It's not "gooey", retard. GUI is acronym.
Hi , can i use this program for 2.8 tft touch screen ? how ? Note:i will put three buttons : calculator , contact us and about us ? how can i do it ??
It would have been much better easier and better if someone has invited a technique similar to the XAML in C#
When i m going through same steps ......its showing an error //error while building/deploying project (kit: Desktop qt 5.8.0 ) when executing step "qmake"// what can i do ??
This is the one useful tutorial about Qt on the entire internet. Thank you for posting this. I think Qt company owes you a huge debt of gratitude, and you kind of sound like Bradley Cooper.
Which project it is on the new qt?
Please Help! @0:47 U can see that he can save it on his desktop but I can't find how to do so.
When i heard the voice .... "Ok this gonna be fun with Bucky!"
My favorite channel
Qt opensource ??????
Your tutorials are easy to follow and instructive, just what I needed, thanks!
Thanks a lot, i was very helpful for me to start using Qt :)
This is so cool! Though I'd rather do it the only way, the right way. I just feel like a skid using this but it's definetely worth a try.
Qt takes up like 15 GB wtf. -_-
Is this like Microsoft Visual C++ ?
I really don't understand how can this guy manage to know all this programming things...
Thanks a lot
Thanks m8
Great video!
If you are a first time user on Ubuntu for Qt Creator you should run  sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev in the command line, it will save you from the error **cannot find -lGL**. You're welcome :D
Wont run..says compiler wont work, tries some adjustments and even tried connecting to codeblocks, nothing works
I want to create a window 8 and 7 GUI application. Which program should i use? Qt or visual studio?
Awesome dude :) thats a very good introduction btw ;)
When I try to run the program I get "LNK1104: cannot open file 'shell32.lib". How can I fix this? Thanks.
Is the method to make that qt mobile application alot different than gui?
Qt is not free anymore O.o
While compiling its saying QtGui/QApplication: No such file or directory plz help                                
Qt "Cue-Tee"
:-1: error: Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options. Am I the only one around here with this? Can anyone help me with this error?
This is really weird. What happened to the cout <<  and cin >>??
Does anyone know how to take those project & make files and make a standalone applications from them ?
Help please when I hit run this error comes out Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options. how to I configure this?
Nice intro for beginners such as myself.  Enjoying your videos.  Thanks a lot :)
Bucky ma man.You are awesome.I like that ouch part.
GUI Interface... not to be too picky but common. Double up Interface is not ok :D
" Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options. " Does anyone know how to solve this error??
Man how can i build link static exe bicause i don't want thousand file with exe dinamic, i can't set it can someone help me pls
I have linux mint and i Installed Qt Creator but when i want to create a project i have to add a kit to the project. Can someone help me ?
Right to the point. A+
Here is my perspective. I'm new to c++ and have followed this guys c++ tutorials in which he uses strictly console applications. Is this a step in the right direction to actually make windows applications? (Up from console). I'm also getting the feeling that you need to know a good bit of c++ in order to make these gui applications, is that so? Sorry If it sounds like I don't know what I'm saying because I am very new!
Where are you bucky?????????????????
When i build and run it say  error: LNK1104: cannot open file 'glu32.lib' any help ?
This is so newbie rank, and copy paste...
You rock, this is sometimes what developer wanted, a quick brief intro of things!
I can't choose the Qt Widget Project when i am going to choose a template...why is that??
When I hit Run it says "QtCreator needs a complier set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options." Where is the Kit options? 
Do you know bucky when i watch your videos i change the speed of the video to 1.5 because you talk to match.  thank you 
How neat is that! Neat!
Qt is only for c++?
Really Cool.
Thank you :)
Can you download more buttonsits quite limmeted
Do you really need to start every other sentence with "go ahead and..."?
When i click ui-> i get no label i tried to change the name but no  result i only  get CentralWidget     Maintoolbar     menubar            retranateui             setupui             statusbar             mainwindows             Ui_MainWindow i tried to add diffrent widget no luck this is the only option i got can you help me please
Great video and explanation ! Are you human ?
This kinda ruins programming cause you arent doing anything : \
Qt ain't working well for me at all.
HEYYYY, you again... I first learned 3DS Max from your awesome tutorials!!!Are you stalking me? :)

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C++ GUI with Qt Tutorial - 2 - Creating a Simple Project