Boy, 5, records teacher berating him in class

5-year-old Gabriel Ross took a hidden tape recorder to school, on behalf of his parents, after months of explaining to them that his teacher, S. Ellen Jones Elementary teacher Kristen Woodward, was mean to him. What they caught was Mrs. Jones verbally berating the 5-year-old in front of his class.

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Little boys being little boys, chatty, excited, on the's always bene this way.Now though they want to drug your child into being a complacent little zombie, ready to receive the indoctrination they vomit into these childrens' minds every day.
OMG I would smack the crap out of her if she did that to my son.What a mean, heatless bitch!Is she gonna pay for his therapy now?gtfo
This little kid is obviously does whatever he wants an home hence he will act the same at school, parents fault they don't teach there kid
So sad. That little boy will carry those teachers words every day of his life. He was five. It may not be easy to work with or raise kids with ADHD and other issues but it's a heck of a lot easier than being the kid and dealing with it.
Recording people in public WITHOUT consent should be legal. too much bs happens for this to NOT be allowed. now on private property..... BOTH PARTIES CONSENT.
I wish i could find that damn teacher, bash her skull in, and shoot the corpse cause you don't treat children that way.
"See, your friends don't even want to be with you now." If nothing else, that line should have got her fired. You shouldn't put down a small child, psychological effects and all that. But she's a figure of authority. Getting his peers, people who are on his level, to say they don't want him there? That's disgusting. He could grow up and live the rest of his life thinking deep down that no one wanted him. He could get depression or even become suicidal if that idea grew too much. When your brain is young, an idea goes so much further. I won't want any kid of mine near an adult that's done that.
Suspended with pay. Bully shit
Spike is a moron
Stupid teacher 😡😡😡😡
It Just Makes Me Sick, If That was My Child, I would Go Straight To That School, Go Straight To The Classroom, And Beat The Fuck Out Of My Son Or Daughter's School Teacher.
Fuck quit yer snivelinghe should behavethe teacher is a bitch but that kid needs to realize in school to shh and learn
If I was in that kid class I would beat the fuck out of that teacher
The kids probably a little prick, I don't blame the teacher..bastard kid
She has NO Business having ANY JOB Dealing With Children!!!
Oh please 🙄 the kid is 5 years old he should know better
What about the child being 5 years old do some of you not get. It is never ok for an adult to treat a child this way and shame him in front of his peers. This is not discipline. She probably had been torturing him for 149 days.Calling the parents and having a conference to see how to help the kid is what a responsible teacher would have done. We have no idea as to all the the horrible things this awful woman said to this child over the course of the 149 days. I would not trust her in a classroom with helpless 5 year olds.
Wow the teacher needed to calm down. these parent suck tho "even if he was 16 I would still be as upset" then daddy said, "he might need someone to talk to after this traumatic experience" WHAT??! 🤣😂 the parents must have infant minds?
Kid doesn't have any issues a steady dose of Ritalin won't solve.
Teacher "ignorant" me: 1v1 me scrub.
She was right. He needs to know when to pay attention. He probably thinks the world revolves around him, talking after being asked not to, shows he has no respect.
Suspended WITH pay? Sweet
Her side of the story isn't necessary, she was recorded emotionally abusing a student. That is unacceptable.
But i thought women were sugar and spice and everything nice? MUH NARRATIVE!
Oh that poor, poor special little snowflake.
That kid #prankd him
I grew up in syria . My mom is american white . But anyway this teacher hated me because i was white skinned and an american
Is this reporter complicit, "well, we hope he doesn't know what some of this mean " ? When is the news going to get this right? This is the issue,teachers are NOT teaching truths, but brainwashing the kids! WTF!
Is that all they got, what a puss
Terrible teacher
Thetacher was right, if he was a little brat, he should learn to behave, I heard nothing that was mean or wrong on the tape.
Parents raised a kid with no discipline and now they want to ensure he'll lack any self control for the rest of his life... what there is of it until he gets sent to prison. Bad parents.
Bad parenting leads to bad kids.....fuck that kid and his crappy parents!Shut your kid up and teach him some fucking respect....less i have to do it for these idiots when a stupid adult comes by me and gets wrecked!!!Shitty people stop reproducing!!!
The teacher has major issues and does not comprehend that a five year old does not have the cognitive development of an adult. She states "you've been ignorant. selfish, and self absorbed. . ." to aFIVE YEAR OLD..She gets the rest of the children to turn against the child on top of her idiotic statements. She should not be allowed to teach Young children who can not defend themselves. Fire this nasty idiot.
Woodworth you are pathetic and what are you a teahcer hcange your profession you are pathetic and paid leave what cant get through her side pof story common 13 years probably got tired of being teacher it doesnt excuse her of treating a kid like that take it out on somebody your size
I believe the thing if anything would stick in the young boys mind and ego would be the part when the teacher says to him that even his friends didn't want to play with him or be around him! so sad....SMH
Aww all you ignorant people feeling so sorry for that " Little Angel. " Kid probably deserved it. All my favorite teachers growing up were the ones that disciplined students. Personally I feel like it's the parents fault for allowing their child to be so bad during class. Back in my days if I was getting reports like that heck if I got a 1 strike my parents would beat my tail. Now adays if you discipline your child with a whooping you will be called a child abuser. Ridicoulous. The Bible says if you love your child discipline them and that is exactly what we should do. No now adays you give kids a stern talking too. And then you also teach them sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Well does that not make your punishment counterintuitve. Ridicoulous. Someone should have beat that child.
My response is: Did the child misbehave after the conversation? I doubt it.
He needs it
He's five years old you don't make fun of a five-year-old in front of the class he's got to go to school with those kids the rest of his life. I'm surprised the mother didnt bash on the teachers skull a little bit!
I bet that child was a little shit. Bring back ass whippings in school!
Would she like it if her employers called her names and beradded her in front of her peers think not so why do this to a 5 yr old granted I'm certain he had issues granted she frustrated but this was cruel be glad it not my child I'd have had a fir t went ffrom teacher to school board you don't do this
Suspendedwith pay SERIOUSLYwhen a teacher abuses a child with any kind of abuse they should be cut from pay
I blame the parents! Lack of parenting causes these kids to act the way that they do.This teacher did not act inappropriately.But still, she could have gone up the chain of command to have this child removed without saying a word to him. It's not to teacher's job to parent the child.My kids acted up ONE TIME.....and that's all she wrote!They will never make the same mistake again! They have grown up to be decent, hard-working and respectful citizens.
The step-father wants to get counciling for the student - because of this experience..? I suspect, the reaction from the teacher(though not justified) was due to the behaviour of the child. Likely, earlier intervention from the parents to get the child some behaviour counciling would have prevented the entire situation.
Slap tf outta dat teacher
Fuck this! that kid was probably a fucking terror!! I didn't hear anything too bad in that recording. and now this kid is going to think it's okay to act an ass and when he gets older you are really going to be fucked! this is why these kids are so fucked up...way too soft on them. he needs to be beat!
Sounds like this "teacher" isn't qualified for her job.
Teachers dont lose it for no reason, the child is probably a monster, he appears mollycoddled
The kid is five. FIVE. Don't defend the teacher guys.
This reminds me of my 3rd grade teacher- Mrs . Maroney. She was absolutely terrible to me and a couple other kids in my class. We had learning disabilities. Instead of being there for us as a good teacher, she made our lives hell! My mom happened to be in the back of the class room, on a day she had her rant about me being so stupid!! My mom tore her a new ass hole I swear...I am a 28yr old woman, but I promise that lady has changed my life forever!!!!!!
Seriously? People are pussies.
Little brats need telling. The fact that society now thinks this is wrong is the very reason why they get away with being bad without any comeback.I don't condone the teacher speaking to him on her own, but his parent's or the head teacher certainly should've.Us old fogies had more respect for our teachers & laws of society than the current kids; which is why the world is getting so fkcd up.
Of course the school wont comment. They are to busy investigating themselves . They will probably clear themselves of all charges. That's the problem with America. If a cop is dirty. His department investigates themselves, and clears themselves. Our country is corrupt. Our laws are corrupt. Our system is corrupt. There is, and will forever be NO JUSTICE
Suspended with pay? Wtf
Those are the type of things you say to an adult, those words are not taught in kindergarten. How is that fair? This is not discipline. This is humiliation of a child.
So what!! His little behind is bad as hell!! Doesn't listen, she's frustrated and parents don't do sh%t!!! So she gives him a speech to try to get him to listen by telling him see your friends won't even like you if you don't behave. It's called reverse psychology!! And that didn't work!! You guys are too soft raising a bunch of criminals!! That can't take constructive criticism, or discipline!!
My son has specific learning disability an he can not help interrupt. the kindergarten teacher in our town did the same thing. good going, that teacher deserves to be fired! an having the whole class bully him is against everything an this media team needs to not make light of it! saying stupid things like "hopefully he doesn't know what those words mean " ...they don't do that about gay or transgender rights. when we are forced to have our children in attendance an compliance to school policy, the teachers are to abide. this is why to this day my son goes to extremes to cancel school even to the point of throwing up! I say seek out a lawyer
So what. kid's probably an asshole
The teacher said the most disrespectful thing to a child she should be fired
When one workswith children that person never can forget that he/she is the adult and an adult should know how to behave againts a pupil. Avoid conflicts and invite to dialog. If the situation is overwhelming talk to the parents and seek for help with an expert in child behavior. She was abusive and used her power in the wrong way. Nobody can be treated inthat way. It is digusting!...and traumatic for a child.
Fuck this! that kid was probably a fucking terror!! I didn't hear anything too bad in that recording. and now this kid is going to think it's okay to act an ass and when he gets older you are really going to be fucked! this is why these kids are so fucked up...way too soft on them. he needs to be beat!
That teacher is a douchebag
School instruction was bullshit when I was growing. this system is built to de-socialize us. Talking non-stop in class. Maybe about interests, ideas, funny entertaining things. I doubt all those kids agreed with the teacher just like that. Listen to Americas youth today in unison giving authority the pleasing answer they want to hear about someone the authority figure doesn't like. "Is that someone you want to be with?"..."Noooo"... The teacher described a terrible person that this kid is just not. A kid is just a kid, kindergarten. What the hell are teachers being taught about how to bend and mold children minds into blind compliance without questioning the rules or laws. Literally if you even follow the rules in school and ask why these rules that don't make sense are there they tell you don't question it in a stern voice. Then other children who have been molded into this compliant being that has been fed what they are supposed to think, positively reinforcing the teachers and rule enforcers. Just like with cops and people. If we speak out against them we are referred to as that minority population of "anti-government" people. We want better government, logical government. A government that will enforce limitations of power and authority where they are not needed. When a child or adult questions a rule or law, you should not tell them "rules are rules, we don't make them we follow them" or to blatantly tell them don't question it, follow the rule, don't step out of line or else. When someone questions a rule or law to someone in authority positions, that authority should question the use, the logic, and the harm of that law themselves.
I'm sure the teacher is no prize but perhaps the mother should spend more time trying to improve the kid's behavior and less time wiring him for sound.And of course, she'll spend countless hours trying to bring some sort of law suit against the school.By the way, the shitty chocolate she shovels in him (chocolate or white fudge) and God knows how much more sugar, may be part of the reason he's jacked up all the time.Oh, and "step father" is an interesting title.So, they're actually married?Yeah, doubt it.Guarantee, this time next year - there'll be a different "step father", with a different earring, living in the house.
She should NOT get any pay!
A five year old should be treated differently, you can't take them seriously - and they haven't developed a moral compass.
LOL....what a bunch of sissy ass pansies.....loolll...we used to get struck with berated in front of the whole class...had to kneel outside the class where the Principal used to hit us with a cane.......but that is why we all graduated and went to universities and we never did drugs, alcohol or messed around with girls .......and we didn't have step dads......these bullshit parents can't take care of their own child and are probably looking to score some money for their addictions!....
Good thing this wasn't my son, I would of beaten the fuck out of that teacher!!!!!! And then where the felony record like a medal on my chest!!!!!!
Pssssssh...kid is a little shithead.
Teachers need to learn about children with ADHD. This is the way the kid's brain works. Accept it and don't treat him like shit for a genetic issue.
And we NEVER had fucking ADHD in our school!.....ADHD is a western disease and WESTERNIZED disease that stems from ignoring kids and their behavior from the time they are toddlers!.......and then you start to medicate them...and think everyone except YOU THE PARENT should be responsible for the well being of your kid...wake the FUCK up!
Why cant she be fried
My birthday is April 15th😱
I honestly can't fucking believe that the school actually tried to defend the teacher, that disgusts me more than anything else in this video. The instant they heard that recording she should have been fired and her teaching certificate revoked; anyone who is capable of something as appalling as that should not be allowed to work with children, ever.
Cool wave3 news is my Louisville news
My teachers talk like this to me all the time
I feel bad for the kid. And BEFORE you start hatting on my comment I HAVE HDHD it is hard to have and concentrate so I had to ask a lot of questions. Its not the kids falt
Even if the kid has ADHD and acts like a little shit. That doesn't give the teacher the clairvoyance to emotionally abuse him, and humiliate him in front of the class, because she doesn't possess the skills required to teach a child wilth a learning disability.This isn't tough love, this is being a pathetic excuse for a teacher.. It's obvious the kid's parents are to blame as well. Enabling the kid's bad behavior, and rewarding him with sugar. The blame for fucking up this child goes to the parents and the school. This kid needs positive reinforcement for when he does good, and ACTUAL tough love for when he does bad. Structure and discipline at school, and at home. Also to those "Tough" guys who are overlooking this, because of their supposed "rough" childhoods. Everyone has feelings, including you. A real man ain't afraid to show his feelings, cry, or be vulnerable to others, because they have conquered their insecuritues. Which you obviously haven't. That's why you have such a hard exterior. To hide your "soft" interior to which you relentlessly label others as. Grow up!
Suspended WITH pay???!!! I'd have beaten the living shit out of this woman and smiled all the way to jail, waited for two hours for bail then walked out to do it again. At 5 years old, also by the way, you tremendous idiots, you should take your child's word for it because he's hardly out of toddlerhood. They love everything and the world is a big fun amazing joy ride. When there's a snag in it, and they let you know, there's a big goddamn problem. God I hate people.
The issue ISN'T THAT she disciplined him or that he needed discipline. That is obvious. He was misbehaving. But there is a right way to discipline a child. She shouldn't have involved the class or made it an issue for everyone. If she was done and wanted him to stop there are proper steps to take. When it gets this serious a parent teacher conference vs verbal exchange that could incite harassment or hate towards the boy from other students.THERE IS NO QUESTION FROM AN EDUCATORS PERSPECTIVE THAT THE TEACHER DID WRONG AND REACTED INCORRECTLY!
This Teacher should not get paid get paid for what that's a little boy her job is to teach it's seem to me she was bring personal issues from home taking it out on this kid
So the kid is a natural Extrovert....What the hell is wrong with that?! That teacher is a crazy nutcase!!
O-O holy shit the child got roasted by the teacher and the class toasted him wow.... #harambe #children #backtoschoolsucks #patricksucks #subscribe
What aload of shit she didn't do shit I got a lot worse then this when I was a kid
Kid needs to shut the fuck up in class. Parents are pussies. Straighten up your kid and stop crying when u hear the truth. The dad is a pansy. The kid wins again for being a lil asshole
When I was in pre-k i had to sit in the corner for 1 hour if I didn't get the date right
The cunt got away with it for 15 years. If that was my kid I'd smash the teachers face!!!
So he's 13 now... I'd love to see an update on this kid
Yeah... my elementary school teachers constantly singled me out to be picked on by my peers. Causing me to be bullied throughout 12 years of school. To the point where I am now slightly emotionally scarred. All thanks to a group of dried up old cunts that decided since I had a learning disability that it was ok to literally tell other kids in my class to not talk to me and to not be friends with me. I literally was told by my best friend at the time that we couldnt be friends anymore cuz the teacher told him not to talk to me. Lets just say if some miserable old cunt with nothing left to live for but making children suffer tries that on MY kid, that I will be suing the fuck out of her, the school, and the city. My parents were just chicken shits when it came to helping me with how they treated me in school. And now Im fucked in the head because of it. I wont be letting that happen to my kids. I would sooner grab a semi auto rifle and murder that teacher in cold blood in front of their entire family than let another person go through what I had to. Obviously I would rather get the cunt fired and sued than kill her, because clearly she is miserable with nothing left to live for. But if for some reason the school really did try to protect an abusive teacher instead of the usual ass-covering those incompetent principals usually do, yeah. Next parent teacher conference? Should be an exciting one.Dont get me wrong im not overly violent, I just feel so strongly and angrily about abusive teachers that will literally do everything they can to ruin a childs school life. I went through teachers that would literally stoop down and get in my face, and start screaming at me. They would start gossip / talk badly about me to the rest of my 6 year old class. Nobody deserves that, and any abusive teachers deserve to be publicly humiliated, water boarded, or some other cruel and unusual punishment. Maybe we can bring back public lynching? Just a thought, although if the teacher so happens to be black that can look bad... although come to think of it the only nice teachers I had back then were black... all the dried up old white cunts were the ones actively trying to make my life miserable.
Obviously the child is bad..... They need to do something about that
Just from seeing 10 seconds of the kid I can already tell he is a badly disciplined kid. However the teacher should have went to the parents. Why is that so hard? Go the parents and warn them that if he doesn't improve he'll be kicked out of school.
Well talking non stop I would be pissed too
This teacher sounds like she was just exhausted and sick of a (((((((((add))))))) riddled kid.
"Well hopefully he doesnt know what some of those words mean." are you kidding? it doesnt matter whether he understands or not, the negativity associated with her tone and the fact that what she said turned the whole class against him is more than enough. even if he didnt "understand those words" he understood the point that old bag was trying to make: that he is a defective child. the things that kids learn in the first five years of their lives are the things that stick with them forever. it is absolutely despicable that this news caster, as well as all those staff members, are saying anything at all that could excuse this teachers behavior. she has more than likely ruined this childs self esteem before he even hit puberty, just because his way of expressing himself wasnt convenient for her. stupid cow.
Maybe this kid is a douche!? iv met little douches before. at times my kids are douches. i only heard some of the things said. but if it's true, it's true.
In the notes and the recording it looked like the teacher was just confronting him and Gabriel did all of this for 149 days, but that teacherwas just being disrespectful. Gabriel didn't do anything wrong. When the teacher yelled at him and told the class that he was being bad and not be friends with him, I was shocked. I bet Gabriel was embarrassed during that scene. I think that theteacher hoped that Gabriel won't have any friends, that's so mean.

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