Articles - when to use 'the' | English Grammar

Learn when to use and when not to use the article 'the' in this English grammar lesson.We will end the lesson with a gap-filling exercise, so you can test your understanding. Part 1: Let us know how you did in the comments. For more help with learning and practising English, visit our website:Facebook: Twitter: Good Luck!

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Good hand very useful
I under stood the lesson
Thank you !
Hello, your video are really detailed, i enjoy alot, i have a question: secondary school, can we think that 2ndary is ordinal number as we have primary school?, so we can write " he used to play volleyball when he was in the secondary school". Tks
Thank you very match forthe good explain >I have an examnext monthinEnglish in generalgrammar and composite wordsi need your advice , please
Sorry, I thing there is a fault in Exercise number 4, because we use an with words which began with vowel. but you put a. before united word thinks
Still i was bemused
You should do a video about to vs at
Thank you for your lesson! I have one question. In the 6th sentence we have: "I think that THE current inflation has hit the unemployed hard". Why "THE current inflation"?
Very strange that some people made dislike to this amazing lesson.
I cannot link this title 'Saving children from life on the streets' to one of the categories you mentioned. Why 'the streets' while it is a general word?
Thanks you ma'am for thevideo it is very helpful. ...I have some doubts regarding the differences in the following sentences .. In the hospital in hospital at the hospital at hospital
Would you please explain about 'in the back of the car','back of the building' and 'members of the Cuban community'. Why do 'back' and 'members' not have 'the' in the 2nd and 3rd composition?
Very good ,,,,,,If you want to learn about the basic of English,please watch this channel in Hindi and English both language available (यदि आप की टेंस को हिंदी मैं देख के समझना है तो ये चैनल देखे)
The Netherlands
Dear Minoo, Thank you for your videos! You are a great teacher and explain everything so well. Can you please tell me how it is with "Earth" when do we say The Earth and when just Earth? (when talking about the planet) Thank you very much!!
May i know why you've lived in U.A.E?
I want to improve my english. so does anyone want to talk with me on whatsapp? just to improving my english. Or we can create a whatsapp group for who wants to improve their english :) If you want me to create a group let me know.
Hi Mam, I have a doubt in the exercises, which you presented in this video. My doubt at the first one: He used to play volleyball when he was in secondary school. Can we use 'The' before secondary school ? Could you please suggest me?
The moon
Minoo, and why people usuallysay "an even better idea"?
A moon
Thanks! for the good information about article, I have one confusion we often use "THE" article in between with the sentence as "have a look on the examples below" or sometimes with plural like the students etc. .... is saying"the students" or "of the students" is still correct?
Very helpful ! Thank you so much.
I appreciate
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Thanks a lot my dear teacher , I am mohammed from algeria I understood the lesson But when doing exercises in the Net I find it difficult in the solution Please help me
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Thank you so much I love you 😍😍😍😘😙😚🙌💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
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Oh my, "the" is hard.
I´m sorry, I don´t understand very well the excercise number 5(11:05) "It seems that 'the' current inflation has hit 'the' unemployed hard", what is the rule? Current inflation and unemployed are not as things in general? Thank you.
Verb to be in past
I really learned something good by watching some videos from this wonderful link. But i have some question to make: what can i do to upload videos at this link?
Thank you
Thank you.
Nice job
Nice job
Thank you for this lesson.
It is aninterestingtopicforme. Thanksforthe nice and well-organisedpresentation.
Very useful resources for teaching in the classroom andalso good to SHARE to others too. Thank you so much.
Excellent videos. Thank you.
Thank you, I watched many videos on article but no other is as helpful as this.
Thank you so much for this great lesson! Thanks to you, I make less mistakes now. Again, thank you so so so much. Please keep on the good work! 😊
I want to now why you use"the " before "EU ".
I loveeeeeed ur video articles r veryy hard.but ur video has helped me to clear my mind mess.
You can use "the" in front of jail... church... prison if you speak about a place that you went but not for the reasons that place is operating.. i. e I went to the prison to bring him cookies... I saw the church where he sang as a little boy.
Thank you so much. your video was very easy to understand and implement
Thanks madam you are a great teacher ,
Very useful class! Thanks a lot, miss. I have a doubt, Can we say:" Is the Netherlands...?"(Since we´re talking in plural), or we should say: "Are the Netherlands...?"
Thank you for the lesson.
Could u please explain the 10th one?
Wow excelient mam he at ...... office? no, he is at ...... home.
Thank you so much.
Thanks it has been very helpful to me....I like ur teaching...
Thank you ma'am
I'm kind of familiar with AmE, but to be honest, saying 'I like piano', without the article 'the', just doesn't sound great. I'd still use 'the'.
I'm sorry ,but i could not understand that, NOTE: unlike other names, names of elements do not start with a capital letter
Can u please tell me that is the use before plurals or not but in this video u used the before pulrals sometimes i am bit confused to understand this pleas anwer me soon i m looking forward to ur reply 😑
Hello mam Why it is said the netherlands
EU is acronym or not why
Example1: why did we not put "the with secondary? example5: the same question
Thank you.It greatly helps me to improve english better!
Then "To the hospital" can't be said, but for example i've seen "From the hospital" How come that can be said? Thank you so much :)
Thanks for your clear explanations on articles. Really your channel is a gift for English learners.
Thank you very much! This lesson about 'the' article is the best I have ever seen! :)
It is still a bit confusing for me, the lesson was very helpful! Thank you!
I hate articles!!!!
I’m a new student with you can you help me practisemy english ?what should i do,please?
Thank you, your classes are very interesting and are very useful, I love it. Many blessings.
Super thank you so much menoo. you are the best teacher ever
Thanks a lot my dear teacher , I am Reda from Egypt and I like your fluent language
Thanks for making this video, you always makes difficult things very easy.....Thanks a lot.
English is too hard :(
You said that if there is only one of something , you should use 'the'. So, why did you say: "Everest is the highest mountain on Earth". why you didn't use 'the' before 'Eerth'?
Thank you for your precise and clear explanation of thismost complicatedsubject
May i know why you've lived in U.A.E?
Hi Minoo! You are doing a great job! I follow your lessons. Is two years now. Could you upload a video-lesson about the use of the verb "to do" and one about the imperative form? I can't find those in the play-list... Thank you! Bye. Francesco
I would like to congratulate you for the excellent Video lesson. As a teacher of ESL in my country this kind o Incorporatedlessons are very useful. Please, help me to help my Class with your experiences and with your video lessons if it's possible. Thanks
Thank you a lot you are great
Very helpful Thank you very much
May ask u a favor ? when u answer the exercise, mention the reason why u solved it like that ? i mean for example : if i were u , i wouldn't read the Daily Mail ( we used " the" here as it's newspaper ) etc i think it will be more useful thanks alot
Personally I like watching your lessons, is so enjoyable.
It quite good.
Thanks a lot
Do you speak "the" like "w" or "f", not like "de" in Spanish?
Very useful ,thank you very much regard
Dear Anglo-Link Thanks a lot for your lessons I have a question please Why when we make the abbreviation to "The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation" we sayNATO and when we make the abbreviation to "The European Union" we say The EU. ("we do not omit "the)
How nice! Really interesting!! Thank you!!
Hi again,I don't understand the use of artist" the " in 4 , 5 10 sentences , please help me ? thank you on advance .
Hi, Can you explain why in he sentence " Everest is the highest mountain on Earth " we don't use definite article before Earth. It's the only one like the sun, the moon?
Perfect lesson! Thank you very much.
Yesterday i came to know about this YouTube channel.Now i feel glad to get learning under you.You teach very lucidly. I have no words to express my feelings.Lots of love for you.Love you a lot. I am ESL student.Now i feel encouraged to learn English. (Please forgive me if i made any mistake in grammar.But I will aspire to become like you )
Thank you very much for your explanation!

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