Articles - 'a', 'an' and 'the' | English Grammar

Learn when and how to use the articles 'a', 'an' and 'the' in this English grammar lesson.We will end the lesson with a gap-filling exercise, so you can test your understanding. Let us know how you did in the comments. For more help with learning and practising English, visit our website:Facebook: Twitter: Good Luck!

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Learn when to use the articles 'a', 'an' and 'the' in this English grammar lesson.
Hello madam
What an idea to teach.Very nice
It was a great lesson of the articles that i learnt on internet.thanx a lot
I likeyour classes thankyou mam
Thanks. I'm russian and we have not articles in our language. So articles are the most difficult topic for many of our people.
How do I know when I use "an".Never mind. I understood it thank you!!!
Very nice method of teaching thank you mama
Who r the idiot s unliking the vedio
The or nothing people of Nepal are brave.
Mam u r great
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Can I use 'a' and 'an' before a collective noun when it's representing a whole group of people?
I dont know, butshe reminds of the hood rappers
Thanksa lot very informative
Nice explanation.....liked much
Which of the following sentence is correct.1) xxx must allow the user to add and update device information? 2) xxx must allow a user to add and update device information? Give me the difference between the two sentences.
Why is it that so many people teaching English are usually people who learned English as a second language.. WTF??
An enginner or a engineer which is correct
The fort was surroundedj bythe enemy soldiers
Thank youvery much
Do you know when you should use the article THE with proper names? Have a look at the simple infographic and then try the online quizzes.
Tnq soooooo much mam!!!😃 this video helped me a lot.
Nice tutorial and thanks for sharing knowledge
Youare welcome
Choice ,a,an,the , make me laugh there'sa question not using(a )an (the) some time the teacher like that ,giving the quiz even not included to the lesson they gave .
Hello, i don't get why did you put "the" before 8 in 10th sentence. Could you explain it, please.
Very good ,,,,,,If you want to learn about the basic of English,please watch this channel in Hindi and English both language available (यदि आप की टेंस को हिंदी मैं देख के समझना है तो ये चैनल देखे)
I didn`t know that "THE" has different pronounciatoin! Great!
Looking for an expert Article & Blog writer??
It was the theoretical advice and I am seeking the activity based teaching way in English.
9:04 yeah but that's wrong. These from all the videos online and internet state that we use "an" when using vowel sounds or words such as: umbrella, apple, etc.
I am here for your lessonsl don't think that
Its really informative..thank you for sharing Meenu...
Thanks mam for ur great lesson ...i really like ur teaching style other must learn some thing from u ...keep it up
Ma'am...your videos are very helpful for my exams...😊
Would you havea look at this sentence where the or a an should be put? "if possible available little bit darker one appreciating , thanks"
Yeah you are all right. 08:00 e.g : "The rich don't know how the poor live". I liked so much your sentence !?!
No use for  my son
Why isn't my Mum an engineer and Fred is a nurse? #sexism
Why you used ' a'at university
I want to thanks and appreciate your task
Thank you,i am learning english for your videos
Thanks you very match for this good lesson. i really appreciated . can please prepare for us a lesson about suffix
If any body wanna practice English Speaking... Can add me on skype Ishan_Sharma_0007
Thank you ^^!  Eglish run very easy. ^^!
Mas despacio a la hora de hablarpues es para personas que no tiene una fluidez verbal
I saw an article saying  " when I got out of bed this morning.."why not "I got out of a bed" why no "a" ?
Good English Teacher. I wish you are near by my area. then i can come and i learn english from U. U are simply wowwwwwwww Skype id "tariqkhan2400"
Thank you!.. very useful!
This video is good. But can you give more uses of A,AN and THE
Wow, I actually learned something new! Thank you very much for the lesson. :)
What is the differnce between Indefinite & definite ??? +Anglo-Link
Anglo Link , thank you so much for aploading more beneficial videos , really I have watched your every videos
I want to practic my English butI have problems with vocabularyhow can speak long and clear . Thanksto u.
10x ^_^
2 months ago, I have discovered your channel :) Since then, I have watched every video you have made (except for the latest one, I'll get to it, in two days xD) Thank you very much.
Thanks alot
Your accent is a British accent which is different in Americans accent. Although there are many differences between American English and British English, I have learned from you a lot. Thank you so much and keep it up.
Minoo Madam,   Your lessons are perfect as always..But,I've some doubts in the following two things.Could you please help me?. (1.) You have pointed out that,before all consonant sounds,pronunciation of "the" is 'thuh'(eg. the university("thuh university")); but at the same time you also noted that,when the next word begins with a vowel sound,"the" pronunce as "thee"(eg. the umbrella("thee umbrella")).My question is that,in both examples,that is "the university" and "the umbrella",next word after "the" is starting with the same alphabet "u",but you had spoke it separately as "thuh" and "thee".Why?,Kindly tell me the truth.    (2.) In your exercises section,the 7th question: 'This is __united community'.Your answer is "a",why?.You already mentioned that,"an" can be used when the next word begins with a vowel sound (eg. "an" umbrella). ** I'm very thankful to you,if you kindly solve my two of the above mentioned doubts separately.Thanks! By, RKR,Goldenson Arena.
Thanks for sharing knowledge. That was an excellent grammar lesson
Thank you very much ! You have a very good way of explaining :) But I wanted to ask you something : If you say " *a* reason for doing this....." it means that there are also other reasons .But if you say " *the* reason for doing this is......" does that mean that there is only *ONE* reason ? Thank you again for this wonderful video ! (subbed) :)
Hi guys i have a whatsapp group for english learners if you wanna join write you phone number below
This class helped me a lot!! Congralutations and thank you very much...
Did you eat an/a apple? I did this sentence with "an" but the app check wrong.
Your explanations and examples are very clear.Very important when introducing new grammar to students.As we all know, building the basic building blocks are essential to learn accurately and quickly.
What is this??? a United? The Orange?
Thank you! You are born teacher! Can you explain me please the tenth sentence. "Is your telephone number 97832?" No, there is A "1" before THE "8". The "one" is mentioned at the first time, and so we say "a". But the "8" is also mentioned at the first time. Why we use "the"?
How topronounce ''our ,ous,tion,ssion,ence,ent,cial,cian'' at the end of words in British accent. thank you very much for your efforts to help us to learn English easily
Hi..I really found this video a very helpful one.. Articles are not so easy as they sound to be..A , an and the
I guess, In exercise 4th example is wrong.Where you mention " THIS IS A UNITED COMMUNITY". I THINK AN IS THE CORRECT ANSWER. AM I RIGHT?
Thank you madam
Always the best.Thanks for the explanation.
Hi Teacher !!! 4.This is a united community. United begin with Vowel "U' .Why did you use "a"not use "an"
Thx foe ur effort towards our bright vision once again tysm madam
In exercise i cant understand sentence number 4.u said we must use "an" before any vowel sound while united starts from vowel word and u used "a" instead of "an".plz clear this point I can't understand.i shall be very grateful to u for this favour....
Thank you so much madam,for you this all video...because of your languageI improve a lot of grammar.
Thank you very much ma'am .how can do exercise on this topic on your web site? please tell us proper link again thank you
Thank you so much dear...once again my angel saved me...thanks a ton for all your efforts...
Is it he is a police officer or he is the police officer
I just wanna ask if this is right- it's just 'an' easy peasy for me? 'cause i've encountered about it the man said to me that why did i use'an'? then i replied 'cause i want it to sound appropriate, i mean to sound not awkward... but he replied-easy peasy is a slang so it doesn't have a quantity so you shouldn't use 'an'...
I always hear people say "an information "
This is the best english grammar channel in youtube
Wow she is fabulous teacher
A house has. .... roof fill in the articles
Hello madam . It is my pleasure to see you again . with all due respect . i just want to inform you that it's still confusing when to use thedefinite article and ''no article'' before plural and uncountable nouns.and I'd like to add a rule . the rule is called ''general vs specific''. when we are talking about something specific we use the definite article . and when we are talking about something generic we use no article or ''some''. e.g.I ate ''some'' cherries yesterday. I ate the cherries that was on the table yesterday. thank you for your effort . youssef.
Always love your class......
Thank you...
Mueve mucho la mareo...pero buen video (Y)
Can we say 'would you like some milk in your tea?' instead of that? would it be wrong?
Can youaddan articlebefore a noun example - A john is waiting you outside
Mam there is no part 2 of pre intermediate
Excellent!!!! !!!!!
So these are all correct? : a man, an honest man, an ape, a fast ape?
It so difficult for me i live in a country which don't use an english i want to improve my grammar could you please give me an advice?
Hi well done teacheri'm from peru your english is american or britanico
Abeautiful video madam.

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