APA-MLA Annotated Bibliography: Complete Guide to Writing the Annotated Bib Part 1

In Part 1, we explore the meaning of the words "annotated" and "bibliography," paying special attention to the purposes of an annotated bib and its 3 main requirements.

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Thank you so much for explaining. Every word you said made sense to me.
Wonderful explanation. Thank you!
This is great! Thank you!
I'm grateful for your posts on YouTube because you make learning fun by simplifying the intimidating world of academia.
In text citation: I know that it's a must to write the author name, but what should I do if I found out that the paper I'm going to annotate has more than 6 authors? How can I mention them in the Annotation Bibliography ?
Pardon me, but latin for 'book' is liber, and βίβλος is Greek for 'book'.
You deserve more views, great explanation Mr Taylor
Thank you so much for this video. Has been very informative. I have to do my first annotated bibliography and your video has helped.
You're the best instructor
Thank you thank you thank you! This has helped me tremendously!
Nicely simplified!
Why didn't I came here before. Great explanation
Great explanation, Thanks
I love the way you broke down "Annotated Bibliography"! I teach English to immigrant adults, they will appreciate this.
You Sir are now my hero!
Thank you, my students will love this!
Just found this video. Thank you so much for making a series of videos about the annotated bibliography. My students this past semester have struggled so much with it, I wish I had known about this video earlier. Alas, I'll be sure to show my students next semester!:)
How should i learn idiom and phrases ? any trick for it

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