Ali G - The Media

Ali G talks about media

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At 3:08 shits priceless. Motherfucker bit the hook
This is where he first got the idea for that one scene in Grimsby
Why dont they make a version of sesame street..for kids? "That's what it's for" Wutt?..
I fucking love this nigger. ( no homo ).
"fatty boom booms" I'm crying
Sometimes Ali does give some thought-provoking questions.. I mean the presidential debates were more daft than this one, let's admit that..
The man behind Ali G actually went to University and has a degree.
The mejia
The fat guy didn't say one word after that lol
This is actually the first time i have heard of the word MEDIA, its been well interesting.......
Well these chaps have failed Look at the fake media haha...
That guy to his left really walked straight into an open invitation for Sasha to make some comedy lol
The professors face reaction @2.27when Ali G says the letter was X had me burst out laughing
I can imagine some Americans thinking this is real.
"Two elephants having sex" is there where he got the idea for the scene in Grimsby?
After Ali G capped that guy on the end, he was afraid to talk again.Stop reading so many books and get some flavor like my main man Ali G take it easy
Fatty boombas
Everyone who appears on Ali G must be retarded to take it seriously
And have them ears hahaha
What harm has violence ever done?
"Whether it is that you think is it allright, to watch two elephants boning, like this man does"
"like this man does" omg I'm laughing so hard
"Sesame streets is very heducationalist".
3:13 what
"that's a film not a book" LOL
Old but gold
"Alright well name one den!" 😂
I agree. They should make a Sesame Street for kids.
What harm has violence ever done?
"Why don't they make a version of Sesame Street, for kids?" "That's what it's for" "What???"
I wonder what they tell people Ali is to get them on his show? He got in to see Trump and that isent easy to do! It's very convincing whatever they tell them
3:20 lmao
I wonder what these guests think once they realize who Ali really is and they look back and watch this lol
'it is disgusting enough seeing a woman and a horse do it, but actually seeing 2 horses getting jiggy together...' HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
Did you know that xylophone is spelt with x but zoo is spelt with like.... something...the other one.
Cohen's number one accomplishment is his ability to take the awkwardness... most people avoid it at all costs and he's made a living out of it hahaha.
He actually has some legit points.
"People having sex with animals?" "What??... No" LMAO!!!!
"What harm has violence ever done?" LMAO I'm remembering that one.
Just lost it at sesame street.
Ali G and Sesame Street, oh god, my stomach hurts.
The guy who claims to have read an entire book is asking himself 'how did I allow myself to get on this interview'.
The guys reaction when he says "what harm has violence ever done" is priceless haha
YO take it easy
"Me was watching pornos, from the age of 11. And me don't see me Julie complaining now... everytime" LMFAO
"Whatever it is that you fink it is alright to watch the national geographic channel, watch two elephant boning like this man does." LMFAO
I hope the guy who likes watching two elephants boning enjoyed the scene from Grimsby.
Zoo is spelt with...the other one LOL
What harm has violence ever done? Hahahahahaha
Two elephants having sex !!! mist be where he got the idea for Grimsby lmao
Fascinating how thins guy can keep a strait face wile saying such dumb shit then when you least expect it sneeks in a smart question
"Me was watching pornos since the age of eleven". -Ali G
"The MEDIA.. Lot of you out there probably never even heard of the word!" Epic beginning :D
I can imagine the awkwardness after every interview
Animals havin sex on the tele is absolutely haram.
John Judge is way too smart to engage in this nonsense.
Omg this is seriously some of the funniest shit ive ever seen my face hurts from these vids.
H-easy now rude boys
Watching 2 elephants boning, like this man does
"Rosie O'Donnell how much?... I bet not even for a million dollars" LMFAO
Is that arealbook? -To my understanding it was a film.. 00:39
So, there is no 'Sex, Lies, and Videotape' book, as far as I'm concerned. Bearded guy actually did showing off.
But wot harm az violence evah done?
You here it all the time with Islamic State committing violence in Iraq and Syria. The news media now is usually war and death
Lot of you out there prolly never... even.. 'erd.. of.. da word.
Why is Petyr Baelish one of the panel 0_o
The way he says censorship gets me every time XD
BS stands fr bullshit LOL at his smile :p
Needs more jpeg
LOL at 3:24
*Swoosh* everytime!
The mejah
Easy now rude boi's!
Why-oh-why is it that the whole fucking world knows hes just a comedian however the Americans just don't get it? Anyone interviewed in Europe agrees to these interviews knowing he's a joker, and happily plays along with his funny questions but as you can see, not in the US....

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