A, AN, THE - Articles in English

Today's question from a student asks about the definite article "THE" and when we use them with plural nouns. You're welcome to share this video on your website or use it in classes and show it to your students! Happy learning!

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Why you said listener and you did not say a listener
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I'm very confuse between the use ofwho & whom can you help me?
Thanks so much for this video, it very useful for me that i did not understand when i was at scholl. could you make a video about TOO... TO, SO ... THAT, SUCH... THAT, ENOUGH... TO... thanks again
Nice and cute teacher.
Always useful!!!! Thank you very much
Beautiful!!!! amazing as usual
Hi, your videos are so so cool. I always watch and share your videos. I have learnt lot from them. If you can make a video on Nouns that would be great. Thank you.
Thanks for the lesson
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Aly, do you realize that, in the United States, the killing of a fairy may be considered a hate crime?  Have you received any backlash from the LGBTQ community at all?
You are very creative, you make things quite simple. I love your lessons. BEST ENGLISH TEACHER INDEED!!!!
You're a very good teacher.
How about their pronunciations?Am I right to say that a is pronounced with schwa /ə/ in rapid speech as in 'a man' but as /ei/ when stressed or said in isolation. by the same token 'the' has three pronunciations: /ðə/ rapidly; /thi/ before a vowel; and /ði:/ when stressed?
Very helpful and clearly expounded.
God bless you
That what I was looking for, thanks a lot
All yr videos are very helpful,I would like to hear on phrasal verbs with " out " off " and "up"
It helps me! Thanks
Thanks a lot. this video very helpful and useful for me
Can u give private class on imo or skype
For those wondering when to use "a" and when to use "an":  if the next word begins with a consonant or a long "u" sound, as in "uniform" or "eucalyptus," us "a," otherwise, use "an."  A uniform, a eucalyptus tree, an apple.  I hope this helps.
Wonderful teacher
Great job man! Brief explanation ;)
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Oh and I would appreciate it if you extended a lesson about articles. Sometimes the British use zero article when talking about singular, it's quite confusing. Thanks.
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Help me to understand it Typical exercise: fill the gap This is ___ pen Right answer is A But… why?? It is THIS (the) pen I image this phrase use when somebody is taking the pen and saying me: This is __ pen. But the pen already between his fingers or he is showing me specific pen, so need to use the, why A?
You're awesome teacher and your lessons are very easy to understand. I'll introduce your channel to my friends then they can learn English from your videos. 😊😊😊 Love ya 😘😘😘
Never came up with an English or any language learning channel like this before. Sense of humour and fun ... that's the key to learn stuff. :) How about explaining the difference between present perfect and past simple, with some examples of course.
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Thank you , but when we use no article with a singular countable noun thank you again
Can you please explain the difference between the usage of in and into, on and onto etc
I'd like to learn how to pronounce "I'd, I'll, I've or he'd, you'd, they'll, we've."
Hi i want to learn english 
Straightforwardand very clear ..thankyou
Hi, when do I pronounce "a" with the sound of "ei" for example you pronounce "A" fairy and not "ei" fairy.  Thanks
Hi! I'd love if you make a lesson about sentence transforming. I always have trouble for that reason. Hope you read. Thanks
Fairies and blood xD
Thanks mate! I get it!
I understand it now. Thank you.
YESS thank you sooo much. Tbh, this is the most ridiculously difficult part of the English grammar (to me personally). And still sometimes even this logic doesn't work(( Either way, i'm trying to sort it and tnx for your lessons, it's so helpful!
I thought the fairy was kinda funny and harmless and when you killed him it was a bit jarring. I would like to show this video to students. I think it is a male voiced fairy and in the real world if you were to say " I killed a fairy" I would assume you killed a gay person  and that you were using a derogatory term.  
Dear teacher, could you explain why you use indefinite articles in front of uncountable nouns. for example, it is good weather, but you can't say a good weather. Ok, it is clear because the weather is uncountable noun. So we always get confuse when english speakers says - "you have a good education"...or "I wish you a long live" A education A live?? Hey, Education is uncountable.. Please, say, where is (the) logic here?All lessons and books say the same, but no one said about this one. Thank you
Can you learn me the rest of the rules ((when we use the)) and the exceptions??? 😭 I have an exam after tomorrow..I do not knew why I used an ( an exam )) in my Message 😫😫The rules are very complex، I need your help😞😭
Thank you~! I am looking forward the full lessons about all the rules about articles. + Bring some subtitles~!

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A, AN, THE - Articles in English