A, AN, THE - Articles in English

'I saw A movie last night' or 'I saw THE movie last night'? A, AN, and THE are called articles and they can be very confusing. Learn exactly when and how to use articles in English in this important grammar lesson!

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Hi, that the United Stait, a uruguay, an Honduras its ok?
Thanks for the video, it helps a lot.
Apple is not uncountable noun this countable you can count it this is not sugarlol
I'm a Pakistani boy but I love u and ur a adroble teacher I must do enjoy here
Thank u so muchh for this video ! You are a great teacher, Your teaching way is too good .
Thanks )
You are the best teacher.
Me encantan tus clases Ronnie! Infinitas gracias, saludos desde Paraguay😊
AYE please, at least pronounce that as Uh not Ah, sounds awful .
Difficult 😂
With many thanks
The cayman island s is one
I want to drictlearing with you mis
Great one mam you sweat
I just love your videos girl! haha
I like the way you teach
She's so much fun.
Hi everybody , i am beginner in learn English my mother thong tamil , how to i speak english ....
Ronnie!!!! thank you! a good way to refresh my english! now i know why The Philippines is with article..:)
Thanks for u Ronnie ur best teacher ever iwn mor lessons frm u
I love u maam
You are teaching awesome you are a nice tutor
Watching from Philippines
Realy you learnsampe l in englsh thank u so much :)
где она достала траву, я тоже хочу, чтобы меня так таращило
How can I download
Ronnie, I have a quest. In this phrase: "Which situations we use the article "an"?" We use "the" or "an" before the word "article"? Thanks! You are amazing! :)
Can i write....i eat apple..?
If the country just one word..still need 'the' before name of country??sorry my english still broken n still learning to improve my english...
Best english grammar book?
Good one I clearly understand what articles is! Thank you Ronnie
Dear Mam, your delivery is very good but sound system is not clear.
Thanks for your help in lessons
I learn a lot from you,Sonie,thank you so much for sharing this.
Thanks alot I am from Africa and English is second language I learn alot
Hi All. Why "I'd like AN ice cream" and then "Do you like ice-cream" without article? Thanks.
Many words start with vowel don't use with an eg European useful university etc.
Mam you are best teacher
Hi Ronnie,feel good to watch your videos. Can you please explain me why I some places we use 'an end' and in some places 'The End'
I am an English teacher in South Korea and Your video is really helpful ! Thanks a lot !
Thanks for being my secound teacher for me..I have learnt so many thing with you..it's such a great lesson..
It is the teacher who's very romantic idea of teaching,, probably that forced every lover to watch her.
Ronny ❤️❤️
You are very 👍 teacher.i like it
Wow you're such a good learner it helps me to understand I really enjoy watching and helps ....God bless ....
Hi ranni , i need your help. I am going to take admission in any one of canada University plz help to suggest me some good uni to easily access them ??? thank you
I love my viode
Thank you for Teach !! I think it is made me understand than more ❤❤❤
Have you ever visited __ Andaman Islands? . what's the answer for this
First i would say thanks more for all learen i learen alwas with you I find good all explains my god blessed you forever!
My doubt is before University and European what should i use.. a or an
L am OK with this English grammar that I was with up to article, but I would like to how to writing a letter, like application, apology, minutes and memo.
Hello I am from Albania, and I like Lear English, and you video is very nice
Thank,s sweaty ,i am a bigginer ,but ilove your teaching continou it
Hello! Ronnie ," I bought some fruit" . Some fruit or some fruits , And why?
Why we use an before honest ?
You are a great teacher!!! Adorable and lovable...
Thank you for making this Video. Very Simple Best video for Articles.
That intro scared the crap out of me
Hey hi, Hey hi, I am watching your videos, these are really good.
Ang galing ni teacher I have learned a lot.
Thank you so much, your class is amazing and you are so much fun, :)
How can I download this application
Why do not you named the article "the" with pronunciation "thee" in this video on the beginning (roughly in 0:45 of the video), that is using before words starting with vowel sound as is explained here: "" or here: ""?
You are a good teacher!
Very good lesson...I am from Bangladesh
You have a very catchy way of teachingit also making learning english fun.
I know a noun is a Place,Name,Thing but where is Colective noun? :/
We have out of ____sugar.(A/An/The/None)
Thank you very match ronnie you are the best
Next day is my final i haven't study yet after this video i know how to do in my final exam haha
You are a nice teacher 🌹
How about Indonesia, Indonesia have a lot of island?
Which sentence is correct, 1-I'm a legend. 2-I'm legend help me and tell me why.
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You are very good teacher rannio where are you from
She is the best teaching but l not like her but l like her so much really
And Maldives should we keep the
Ronnie is realy good
What's your country? Men.
ترجمه للعربي من فضلكم
Really nice video mam, really like the tips of article. Oh I am a article marketer, here is the link if you get a time please visit the link.....
If there is a preposition in a country name, should we think it is a word? I'm from (the) Republic of Belarus?
Thank very much
Wow its amazing
Read KEane ka Tarika bataye
I'm from India.☺☺
Correct me if im wrong if the words "the" will pronounce "di" instead of "da" if the next word start with the vowel.
Yeah I like your teaching style and method it's too good ... everyone understanding this . I think I m correct.
Should i use 'The' with my country name which is India And i was taught that i should use 'The' even with the name of river. Can you please explain me about this.
لم أفهم متى ومع من أستعملthe
I am from THE Russian Federation. Is it correct?
I just love your personality! !you are a graet teacher.
Who care😒😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Oh i'm glad you mentioned my country, The Philippines

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