9 Signs of a Secret Narcissist | Covert Narcissist Test

Secret Narcissists are hard to spot. Look closely for the 9 signs of covert narcissism in your suspected narc. Also take the Narcissist Mother Test: This test will help you identify if you have a narcissistic mother. The only way you can spot a secret narcissist is to know them at close quarters, at which proximity they do their most devastating damage. Watch out because these saintly fakes have two faces.Cross them and they’ll take you down when nobody’s watching, only to play the victim after. Learn the 9 secret signs of the narcissist in your life. Count the signs that are true for your suspected narcissist as we go along... Sign One - Gollum Listen carefully to her words and see the outward facade of generosity go up in smoke. Everything but everything is hers: the children, the house, the dog. Sign Two - Domestic Tyrant There’s absolutely no question who wears the trousers in this house. Her word truly is law; but never in front of guests. Sign Three - Secret Alcoholic Living up to the standard of perfection demanded by the false public face takes its toll: hence the secret stash. Sign Four - The Chosen One She is choosy in her self-sacrifice. There is only enough love for the golden child - her magnificent favourite. Sign Five - Demon Face Threatening the carefully constructed image of your secret narcissist unleashes the beast the raging demon face - run for cover! Sign Six - Angel Face Her angelic face is the codependent lie lived by her in public. A significant investment of time and money is given to feeding it’s hungry pie-hole. Sign Seven - No Empathy Don’t try to waste your breath trying to get her to see your side of the story. She can’t see beyond her own self-serving demands or self-pity. Sign Eight - Sentimental The secret narcissist gets a kick from caring for the weak and vulnerable - at a distance. It’s a way of projecting self-pitying emotions. Trust me, she doesn’t give a shit about the baby duckling. Sign Nine - victim status The title of her memoirs will be: 'They Were All Against Me.' When you uncover a secret narcissist in your life, see how with their double-edged sword, they give with one hand and take back with the other. Take their gifts at your peril. For more information about your suspected narcissist click their score NOW: 0-3 Secret Narcissist Signs: 4-6 Secret Narcissist Signs: 7-9 Secret Narcissist Signs: Do you have a Narcissistic Mother? Take the narcissist-codependent test: Want more tests? Take the next personality test here:

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This is good comedy.  Thanks for bringing some humor to this depressing and horrifying topic.  Because in the end, they really are, ridiculous people.  
You and this video is fucking cringe, please kill yourself
Sounds more like you are describing an evil psychopath than a self infatuated narcissist.
I like the cartoon people
Yes! That's my mother to a T! She's so good at fooling everyone
2 GOT to me , 5 GOT to me, 6, 7, 8 and 9 ! I Feel my emotions resurfacing ! Been suspecting myself as one of them for sometime. What do I do ? I'm scared. Great voice over ! Subscribed.
This seems half right, half wrong from what I've been learning.The empathy or no remorse is the biggest true give away if someone is really a narcissist. It's hard to wrap your head around at first especially when you're first out you are so emotional. But yeah no empathy look for that.Or lack thereof actually.
False humility is a HUGE ONE!!eye lashes that flutter during moments of false humility.Cowering shoulders during moments of false humility.Fake tears during false humility.My experience of 30 years was big into false humility.It turns my stomach!!
Men are more likely to be narcissists....
How do they treat their babies? I m a grandma of a narsasist a new worrie about them.
This is very serious but I cried laughing watching this 😂😂😂
V good.....
Your art style looks like Salad Fingers, and that shit gave me nightmares...
The demon face is definitely something real. Everything else is also on point, but this stood out. I have found my mother, on several occasions, staring at me or my daughter in such an evil manner. her head kind of faced down, but she's not looking down. her eyes are up and looking directly at me, not blinking. and like I said, with a very evil tone. this makes me very uncomfortable.
The demon face made me laugh!
Bill Clinton...9 out of 9 Hillary Clinton...18 out of 9
You have the most annoying voice that I have ever heard!
I couldn't get over the voice. It sounds like a little boy trying to do a big boy voice.
I would agree on this! Funny and true
Lmfao sign 7 cracked me up pmsl
Wow I'm related to one ofthose people my mother
Even though it was supposed to be funny, I still couldn't laugh.
The narrators voice is the absolute best
Hahaha "everything is hers" why hers tho? Can men be narcissist too? I think this video was directed to someone specifically lol
Farking narcissists mate 😡
How extraordinarily insightful and observant. How did Trumplet you do this?Watch your back!
This is way too funny.
(503) 747-9979 prank call my narcissist friend. He hates being fucked with more then anything
Get scared of her voice, but still proceed watching the video
Love the voice:))
Job centre abuses sick in your ducking head.......
Wonderful!!Spot on.
Sigh my dad
Wow this exactly it!
Rubbish drawings
So funny, I like it alot!
"She don't give a shit about the baby duckling!" 😂 lmao
I love everything about this video, the drawings, the voice over and the truth of it all. spot on.
I need the comedy and the advice !! Anyone else????????
Golden child is chosen because they will do anything for love and attention scapegoats are able to see right through the narc so therefore are a threat that must be silenced or punished..... two faced people are very dangerous especially when covert/histrionic.....
I thought draco malfoy was speaking 😂 I was just waiting for the "scared potter"?
Unbearable voice.... do u want people to take your video seriously?
LOL, "Trust me, she doesn't give a shit about the baby duckling."
When you have lived with one and spent most of your life close to one....you know all different personalities that are made up for different situations...outsiders would never ever see anything less than very generous, brave individual she wants everybody to see...but when her curtains are down the demons start their play...
Yes pride is bad, can't go around being exceptional, how will that make everyone else feel?much better to spend ones time observing how others act, then to notice one's own faults. it's not like ego is something each person has, let's make it us and them, and witch hunt a non existent group.
Ok why do u speak so stupidly? lol
Why her not he
This is funny
What I hate the most is when they act like they're the victims in public to make you look bad. It's an absolute different person behind closed doors. It's so frustrating.
I'm a vulnerable narcissist, or a covert narcissist in your words.
Sister in law for sure!
Lol X)
Hi, mom 🖕🏽
Lol all these sings are in David Dobrik
Brilliant video; it might not to as thorough as I'd like, but it's fun and informative.Also, it gave me some ideas about making my own video about psychology.Thanks
Yes ridiculous people. Only if you trust them and are close to them and if you try to see their good side... they close in for the kill. Then they are not ridiculous they are incredibly dangerous and cruel. The covert narcissist once he has complete control, will go for your throat. I did not know about this condition until it was too late. I've been destroyed.
This made me smile and laugh thank you
0-3 im not narcissistic
Damn, did you meet my mother? The only thing different on this list is the alcoholism. My mother lived on rice crispie treats and that's about it. I never saw her sit down to a meal. If she did she'd pick at it and move it around her plate.
I had a friend exactly like the one who fakes sympathy to others. It was so ridiculos, how she pretends to be a good human, but when the needy people come too close, that's when her true colors came also through.She wants nothing to do with "lower class people".
Well now that they know how you feel, what you think, what you talk about, your plans for them etc, I suppose there's not much left to say? Your conclusions are final and unfortunately for the one diagnosed eternal. Will you chose to slander, provoke, harass and remind the narcissist of his/her deficiency? Because this reminds me of yet another diagnosis called co-dependency.Generally when I find someone unpleasant, I avoid them. I don't typically follow them around to remind them of their flaws and mistakes. I'm not going to permanently rub it in or try to destroy them publicly. I don't own them. They don't belong to me. What would you consider that diagnosis to be? What's the goodbye diagnosis?
This is ridiculously funny but true. I guess the healing is near done knowing I can now laugh about this shit.
An excellent description of my ex husband
I feel that everyone has the trait of being narcissistic some more than others, it's human nature. love & relationships is about balance, comprised & still satisfying your own happiness without making someone else feel unhappy. sounds easy but it's hard. I guess that's the question that we'll never have an answer to as long as in your heart you know you have tried you best I'm been searching all my life and I guess I will continue to search and learn and develop all my life
That dumb voice is annoying
Substitute the alcohol for xanex and that's my life. 😀
This is hilarious...but so so freaking true. My mom was the Golem, the Domestic Tyrant, had Chosen Ones (I was one of them...but I was USED as such against my dad in a disgusting way), Demon Face (This was a darkening of her face and was scary as shit), Angel Face (she babysat all the kids in town and was loved by them - seeing the Angel Face turn to Demon Face was horrible), Unempathetic, Sentimental (would literally steal from her own kids to donate to others to look good), Victim Status (big TIME - always saying "You OWE me" to us kids). So I got a 7 on my mom.
Did you meet my mom?Lol this was 10/10 how my mother is.... guess I'm not alone😂
Lol i needed the laugh. Demon Face.
This sounds like all the lefties I unfortunately know
I was married to one for 30 years. while you are trying to be funny, you've barely even scratched the surface.
Funny! laughter is good medicine too.
I love th humour in these , it makes it so much easier to listen to , thank you xxx
2:37 LOL! :)
Wow! That may be the most I've laughed in a week! I've always loved dark humor because if we can't laugh at human behavior, we will die from it.
Ummm this actually describes my mom in like 60%☹
I dated one that had all that and i wish we could have a purge for 1 hour.....
Hmm am confuse beausesI really do care ? also people do trick me and lie to my face ! and wine me up .
I'm pretty sure it's the victims of the narcissist who have the secret stash so they can get through every day of living in misery with an abusive manipulator. Secretly drinking has nothing to do with being an narcissist. Most I know do not drink at all because they like to always be in control & don't have many feeling to numb anyway.
Well, nothing wrong with this if she's living with a narcissist... lol
Damn your good
My ex's mother...totally controlling of her three sons they were to become doctors or lawyers..that's it. and they did...and her youngest became anarcissist as well...he was her favorite boy of the three brothers..she committed suicide because she thought she had cancer and it was being kept from her by the kids. she left a note with nothing but the words "you figure it out" what a sick person in the head..
Its been a year since i broke free from my narcissistic mom, its been difficult and i almost didnt make it, but i did, i feel better every month. i suffer from ptss because of my past, but im working on it, i will get better
The only narcissistic traits I exhibit are manipulation and lack of empathy. Am I still a narcissist? Is there a disorder just for lack of empathy and manipulation?
Hi mom

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9 Signs of a Secret Narcissist | Covert Narcissist Test