№70 English vocabulary - Phrasal verbs: GET 1 - get up, get down, get along, get across, get in, out

'Get' is a very popular verb in English, and adding postpositions to it changes the verb dramatically, creating a great variety of meanings! Let's study these phrasal verbs - get up, get down, get along, get across, get in, get out English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday! My channel - My group - My facebook group -

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You are a good teacher and also very cuuuute
Now that I've finished dinner I am ready to get down to phrasal verbs
I've Forgotten the one meaning of "Get Out". The phrasal verb "Get Out!" cans mean "Leave!"
You are very good at getting the lessons across.
Ur great tutor plz realise more video in this way learn more
If possible, you should give an example for each phrasalverb not to explain so long it makes listeners boring. OK?
Get out to the house? its correct
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3:08 first of all its a subject not topic we are not in secondary school. Arent we?
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Hi dear Antonia !!! Greetings from Brazil !!!I metyour channel recently , and I liked so much !!! Your tips really help me to improve my vocabulary ,English grammar and training my ears. You explain the subjects in funny way ,awesome classes ! Congratulations. I´ve been studing English cause I like so much to travel , find out more about new cultures and countries , make friends etc. Best regards Fábio
I do not like your accent.
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Please make some videos about learning English words with explanations and examples. thanks a lot!
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Hi i wana talk tonative speaker ? any one here to talk or practice English.. more u practice more you will learn . Antonia yousonice andelucidatedthe Phrasal verbs.
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Teacher. can we make a live to improve my English in what's up., line,etc
What about get along withand get over
Examples, .I haven't understand
Meanings, ...,. I can't understand.
Example. are so topical, . please! make's so essay examples., .,.,. thanks alot
It was really useful! Thank you so much! You're a talented teacher!
Hola Antonia!! I like your explanations! where are you from?
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The verb to get is really usefull because you usually use in diferents context sintaxis for eample get across i got across my frind that i didn't know aboot the appointment, another example i get across my brother about is not helpfully to watch tv, another example someone came across her when she answer about the hour coming the bus, to get along this is really easy because you use when for emaple you can i get along with my boss and i got along my friend when we have been studying in the elementary school but now i haven't seen him anymore, get along i don't get along with her because she put me down, another example get in when you coming your house you say i get in early today because the classroom were failed when you say what time you usually get in? get down you say i've never gotten down when i'm watching the news, i'm trying to not get down about had happended
Get out, .examples
Thanks very much for this lesson . I am waiting for more lessons from you . Please sub me .
Cute teacher .. make english cute too
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Thanks a lot for answering my request.I think,iknow how to learn the new words but it,s more easy to learn them through watching/readingsentences once and then listening them several times. But i would like to hear frome you for more or better ways.
A Russian girl teaches us English. it is too much for me
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I have watched other videos but yours is the best and very clear way to understand please keep it up
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Thank you so much , a very helpful video , please could you help me with the idomatic call to mind , i am wondering if it's tru if i said , - what make you call to mind this story  thank ou one more time 
Hi doll !!You're a very expressive teacher and your lessons are 100% efficacious =)
Very useful..............and casual is quite eye-catching :)
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I like so much this video! Always have a big interrogate point when the people talk using 'get'. I love what you are doing! You are an excellent teacher, always I'm learning pretty much about English with you! You always focus in the little details and those are very useful! Thank you so much! Gracias! I am from Venezuela!
Very interesting and useful video! Thanks a lot! Do you have any special methods to remember these verbs for a long time? I learnt by heart them many times, but I forgot them very soon (((
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Hi, Antonia i like your vids and i would like to chat with you please
I've usually heard "get in" used in reference to arriving at work, not at home (I'm a native speaker of American English). Of course it could be different in Britan, or in another part of America. I didn't know that "get across" could mean annoyance, but that would explain a lot :) (that's why I watch some of the english lessons, because even as a native speaker I don't know everything)
Hi, Antonia. Congratulations. I leaned a lot with this video,because you teach clearly and objectively. Keep it up.
I tried to learn as more as possible but this young teacher send me in extasy...
Very helpful, I'm a big fan of phrasal verbs and I'm very happy to find this video and you explained it really well, I praise your way of teaching, thanks again for the great lesson
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You have a natural talent and passion for teaching, regardless of whether you already are a teacher or not. Please don't let it go to waste. Kids need good teachers like you!Well done. Beautifully made video and great explanations. God bless girl! [Retired UK ESL teacher]
"A got cross of most of them" does my mean right? I ment I understood most of them :) Thanks always great in english and russian too))
Hi, Antonia Romaker yours videos is wonderful and it´s very important to me because I believe that day after day I feel my English is better, I´m always watching you and I sure that through my effort I hope speak English fluently, thank so much.
Astounding dear Antonia...
I shall watch this video once more to clear my self
Get! it that meens to realised anything or gues anything thats right?
Excellet teacher. Many thanks.
For bonus slang points, "getting down" can also mean to dance or party. By extension, if someone "gets down", they are fun and know how to party right.

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№70 English vocabulary - Phrasal verbs: GET 1 - get up, get down, get along, get across, get in, out