7 Tips to Improve Your Writing!

Today I'm sharing seven tips that will help improve your writing! More writing related videos are on the way! Chuck Palahniuk's essay - -"thought"-verbs Twitter - Goodreads - Tumblr - Instagram -

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Do you even blink ? :O
Awesome tips I wish I had watched and subscribed your channel long time ago.
Omg this helppss i got a test on monday based on writing, and i reallly want to be an author thank youu
I remember seeing this video a while back! It inspired me greatly. :)
This video is awesome! Thank you for your advice!
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Kat, make more writing videos please. <3
Are you related to Lilly from How I Met Your Mother?
Preach girl!!!
Aww baby Kat. I guess you could say it's "Kitten". Ok I'll stop now.
"I am not a professional".You sound professional. Have a nice day.
Thank you for this video! I love writing and this is really helpful
What if you use "He/She realised..." as a prelude to something? Such as..."Then he realised...He'd left the oven on." I just feel like in that context it strengthens and adds more drama to the situation.
Thank you so much for all these wonderful tips! :D
She never blinks..
Who came here because they failed the english test?
<3 lilly
Can someone please explain tip no 5 to me?
There you go u got the like
I love your stuff on Passive Voice. Also, THANK YOU for stating that telling is sometimes appropriate.
7:52 i was hoping you'd say, "Is it 5 PM yet?" :)
I found it! The blink! 8:04 - 8:07 look closely cause it happens too fast (almost like she doesn't want us to see her blink at all)
Here's the link to the article.
I feel motivated!
I feel I put all my thoughts down then go through it and change a lot going through correction for words or using different words so I don't repeat myself. Is this bad? The first drafts have a lot of bad errors as far as using repeated words and basically everything you said xD
*Where can I find paper writing service?*
I feel like I force things on the reader. Like one moment this guy is in a fight, and like 6 paragraphs later he's chilling on the roof with a cat.
Love this video, Kat! Actively writing is so important. I love that you gave both tips, and examples. Happy writing! <3
God you are an attractive specimen
Back again to edit my stuff, thanks for the editing tips by the way :))
Imagining your book as if they were a movie is an easy way to fall into some other traps though, so don't overdo it.
Thanks, lots of very helpful information. My favourite was imaging your story as a movie - you're forced to show!
Can I get 5 tips on how I can see your boobs? Show don't tell :D
Tip number 8: Try the amazing art of blinking.
What if the man hides his anger? Not every man, who is angry, must take his office apart with crazy eyes. Moreover, it would be very unrealistic if each person would behave the same or similar, we would call that stereotype or cliche. If he is angry, then you can write that. Unless his anger is an important element of the story. Show, don't tell is a technique that can be used for certain scenes in the book. If one applies it however for everything, then one writes a movie script. Books tell stories, movies show them. It's called storytelling, not storyshowing.
This basically changes my writing experience
Lily, I hate that you are always right
Love love love this topic and the subject; writing. Great I'm writing to Katytastic she I believe is a true writer. In an era when art least to exist or in any true shape or form somebody somewhere where no one knows no one cares. So Katytastic keep up the good writingindeed. And omg lol wtf is your channel perfect?
Big ass castle.
Katy your really pretty plus this helps alot thank you
Mam... Are you about to cry? Oh about the book that you have considered as cringey (having lazy writing), what's the name of the book?
Oh ok now I know how to describe actions.
"He was standing" is ACTIVE not passive!
I feel so old everyone's saying she's like Lilly from himym and not Willow from Buffy :(
Does she have a blog?
I have to write an argument...
Does she give anyone else Alison Hannigan vibes?
You sound like my big sis xD
Thank you, this video was very helpful.
The examples really helped. Thank you.
Drink a shot every time she blinks. oh wait..
Amazing tips! Simple but to the point. I am really trying to FINISH a novel... any of my many novels that I have started. But I just don't have enough confidence. Then I realized it's because I'm not knowledgeable enough about HOW to write. So I'm doing my research. Thanks for the tips. You made a lot of good points.
Are you reading this?
She's just beautiful.... with thick lips, thick eyes and the intelligence...a vibrating voice. Ooh nice.
Thankqforthis video which very helpful
Ah, thank you so much Katytastic! I'm a beginner when it comes to writing, it's very sweet of you to put out so many helpful videos for people like me! <3
*reads twilight* Person: What are you doing? Me: Getting familiar with bad writing.
I just love the energy in the room!
All I can see is the heroes of olympus books behind her
The concise link to the thought verbs:
Youtube should add hearts for videos we love.
Thank you for the tips I'm currently working on the 1st draft I did three layouts now planing ahead it will take s lot however I always wanted to write one book. The words will come out in the 2nd and 3rd draft
Love the red hair!
This video was so so helpful!!! thank you!
This helped so much!! Thank you!!!
Not to be disrespectful, but you don't seem to have any idea about active and passive voices...
My favourite tip for writing is, only write if it becomes truly unbearable not to! I am NOT a poet or writer!
Am I the only one who saw tge Albanian flag in the background?
I know this video is old, but could passive and being verbs be used to convey an out of body or dream like experience? All opinions welcome!
This helped me a lot. 😊
Really great advice
Great advice! Thanks a lot!
8:03-8:07 "sound at least kinda smart in them". This is when she blinks. She is human.
Show, don't tell. Love it. Great tips!
You are fabulous!
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I like you're teeth
Wow that link in the description is really good
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Loving your vids!
I really enjoyed this video!! Well done!!
I found this video so useful and inspiring!You're amazing!
Great energy in your delivery. Just one comment: you're not getting active vs. passive right. The example you gave is actually the same as your "to be" verb advice. Since examples sometimes work best, I'll give a few to help illustrate active passive. Active: The boy hit the ball Passive: The ball was hit by the boy. (One giveaway is the word "by," which is sometimes only implied), as in: The ball was hit. (The key to active is including who or what is doing the action, i.e. the boy) Here's another showing how passive is rarely but sometimes the preferred choice: Passive: The president was shot. (What the news would actually lead with) Active: A shooter shot the president. (Too wordy and repetitive. The more important thing is not WHO did it but what was done, which is why passive works best here.)
Great tips for writing, I'm sure that it will help me a lot #eqpqrs
Thank you so much for this video! I am a young writer and this has helped me heaps.
If you liked this video you will love Maiaz Writes its such a good channel subscribe
Thank you.
You have really pretty eyes
Thank you so much this is very interesting and helps me tremendously. I appreciate that you have kept it short and precise.
Loved the video thanks for the great tips
Thanks for the video!My writing isn't the best and this really helps!
*Ahem* Do I spot Heroes od Olympus in the background there?
Thank you, this is a very useful video :-) You look a lot like Lily Aldrin by the way x
Are a teacher
Passive voice is when the action is done TO the subject, not BY the subject (active voice)."He was standing" is past tense, not passive voice.He read the book (active voice) vs. The book was read by him (passive voice)
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Thank you. I never actually knew about the passive voice and active voice as it relates to writing.

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