7 Step Problem Solving

Are you facing a challenging situation at work? Ed Muzio, author of "Make Work Great" explains a 7 step solution to effective problem solving.

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Good luck
This video was very well done. Thanks!
Very informative video.
This is one of the best, most concise presentation I've ever come across in the field of problem solving. The methodology itself is beautiful, but the way the information was systematically rolled out was impeccable. Sehr schön.
Excellent presentation.
This more of Problem Solving Process or Check List. Not problem solving techniques.
More of the same. It looks like 8D to me. What do we do if the problem goes away because if other reasons than the ones we figured out? It's like anything else. Practice makes perfect regardless of technique. Whatever works for you stick with it and don't get hung up on fancy names, dr this and that.
"Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem." -Joseph Stalin
Shouldn't step seven come before 6? Just a thought.
It's weird but I kinda think he kinda looks like luke hemmings don't laugh at me
Thank you for sharing this valuable information on problem solving
And here I thought this was talking about solving MATH word problems XD
I just do numbers 1, 2 and 7.
Short and clear presentation!
Thanks for sharing , Very helpful.
Would love to see more about step 4! Very good presentation nonetheless
Thank you. 
Very informative video.
This is very important.that is good
Thank you so much
Thanks for a great video Ed, very informative and useful.
Seven important steps to a solution in a short presentation, that is good!
Hmm this method allows you to find a solution, but it won't help you find the best solution. you also need to come up with alternative solutions and selection of solution before implementation 
Very good and clear presentation! Thank you!
Good vdo
Thanks for the initiative to put up this video. Sorry stupid question but can you please make a more detailed video on solution implementation and cause analysis/
This is FREAKING AWESOME! Dude, where have you been during this past and previous semesters!!!!! I hope every person studying business management out there watches this video.
Great... thanks for the basic start :-)

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7 Step Problem Solving