7 Sneaky Things Narcissists Say to Get You Back

Did the narcissist recently discard you and now wants you back? Learn the most common verbal cons of narcissistic spouses, fiancés, and partners of varying degrees of intimacy – and the maneuvers they’re pulling on you to scam you back into a relationship with them. To learn more about narcissistic behaviors, visit LetMeReach.com: Download your free Beginner’s Healing Toolkit here: Need help healing from toxic love?Get your Better Life Bundle and start healing today for only $7: See hoovering in action here: Certain images and/or photos in this clip are the copyrighted property of Adobe Stock, their Contributors or Licensed Partners and are being used with permission under license. Direct Link: These images and/or photos may not be copied or downloaded without permission from Adobe Stock. This presentation also contains some images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:

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All people have feelings and emtotions are are doing the best they can to what they have experienced. to label people this way and giving tips and tricks on how to beat them. May be missing the point. we could decide to accept them and suggest ways of doing life different? not BETTER. just different. rather than labelling and isolating. we all need to live together and we are all in this together..
My ex boyfriend...
They're just a Walking Freak Show lol
What are you getting out of this kind of approach, Kim? Trying to single out "narcissists" from the general population in order to justify blaming them is VERY shortsighted!!! Labeling doesn't work for long and only perpetuates the view that "I have an enemy who is causing me a problem!" Everyone is responsible for clearing his or her OWN reactive nature and can seek clearing to improve the quality of his or her own life and relationships.At the core there is nothing wrong with ANYONE, once they have determined to clear their programming !!!Why villify any one set of behaviors over any others?There ARE solutions out there, Kim.Let me refer you to Robert Smith's Faster EFT, (see his vidios on You Tube) or even Eckhart Tolle's videos on You Tube describing the human "pain body" and how to recognize it in onself and others and manage it constructively.Now that there are clearing, healing technologies for these behaviors, what are you offering here that is truly helpful to people?
Yeah right, good advice. How to know if your in the right relationship, just trust your feelings. LoL! That's how you get manipulated to begin with.
I got out but problem is my son still has to listen to his nonsense so his badness still adds smoke to my family and I don't know how to stop it... #karma is what keeps me going x
This is an excellent video!
Exactly all right 100%. Really good and exact. Thanks
This video is eerily true, every single word. I had to keep stopping the vid after each new key point because I would lose my breath and mouth would be wide open realizing that everything said in here is EXACTLY what he did to me. It's disgusting. My ex fiance did all of these things and was even with another girl while we were planning our wedding!!! Biggest cheater and liar I have ever known. And even when I confronted him about all the shitty things he did to me and his karma will meet up with him after he left me, he STILL had the nerve to say, "well I was thinking about taking you back but I'm not now" And that's when he was with his new lover! Just completely disgusting. Douchebaggery doesn't even begin to cover it
Kim !!! Girl this info met me at the door ‼️🚪 waiting to say hey in your face with the truth! Wow no like really wow everything thing sound like it came right out his mouth ( the person I was talking too) smh it sound you did a personal interview with this jackass of a person... lol 😂 I am telling you know and it's like he gave you every line he had ever usedon me 😏😢‼️ and here I am thinking I am the CRAZY ONE ☝🏾 This narcissistic devil is a lie 😂😂👏🏾
1:54 when your crush kisses your best friend
Wow,  This just happened to me and was curious what happened with all of my emotional damage.  I finally did some research about narcissist when she broke up with me and telling me I was a narcissist.
Forgot to list Borderline along with the other personality types...
You have to get away, many times people have to cut ties, if the parent or children are narcissists you have to separate and start over, even if it is being homeless get out before they destroy your life,
This happened to me n im proud to say ive ended all communication with this person 2days now not easy as she texts insult after insult in the hopes I give up n blsme myself for her behavior. this time i aint givin up.hearing this video has opened my eyes..im broken but time heals n i know better so that there is no next time. thnx for the awesome video n hope it helps so many other ppl going through this.. protect your hearts stay strong subscribe n bless you all.
Thank u for the info!
Best video EVER! Took screenshots of every frame, WOW!
So... I'm not sure who the narcissist was in my relationship. At first, I thought she was telling me that I was the narcissist because she was projecting. Yet, the more I read into it, the more I see myself as the narcissist, but she also fits the bill.
All of this is accurate and he also told me he had liver cancer and acted like he was going to kill himself before I even had a chance to get to the point and tell him I couldn't be with him. when we were togetheragain he of course was just as abusive as always as soon as we were behind closed doors and he completely denied ever saying he had cancer and said that I was scaring him with my "false memories"
What if the narcissist isnt a partner, but a grandparent
I feel like I've heard alot of these lines before from an individual, I find it horrible how they can pretend to be getting better whilst getting worse which is just horrible, you always want to believe them and it's really hard to let go of them.
Scary how my ex tried to do all of these to me. Just walk away
Watching this video gave me the courage to break up with my narcissist.. within the first 5 minutes. No lie. Proud of myself. I actually feel the weights lifting now that I'm emotionally & mentally free.
Please help: I was just arrested due to my narc setting me up.He has made me look like a drug addict. Now my children's father wants me to leave my children with him or threatens me to go to court. What CAN I DO TO EXPLAIN THIS TO HIM? THANKS
After three and a half years I'm giving 110% of myself and my soul till 1 and about 10 breakups I've never been lower in my life and even after watching this video I still have this horrible feeling of inadequacy that I failed the relationship and I wasn't good enough for her
Am I the only one shocked to hear the word "douchebaggery" in an otherwise informative, professional video? Seriously hilarious.
So happy I can see through all the bs now.. I'll take my hat off to her.(ex) she was great at being a narc.. trust your gut feeling...
This video is the reality of my life. He is my ex husband. My two beautiful daughters are from him. After he broke up with me while I was pregnant with our 2nd child, he sat me down one day really casually and said," I'm not happy this isn't working out.Let's just try to be friends." I thought I was in a twilight zone. He has been treating me like sh*t ever since he divorced me. I've been depressed, suicidal, and he takes advantage of me every chance he gets. This video was emotional. It's my reality....and I never saw it coming. God bless any one that has been through this or going through this. Straight up.
Lazreal malchia they made a video about you.
Young women need trained on how to spot these doucebags before getting into relationship with these assholes...say maybe pre-teen age!
What do you do when you can't do one contact because the narc is the father of your child?
This video was perfect for me❤ you just described my ex lol
All very accurate and true
Everything on this video my ex did and said to me. Everything!!! OMG!! I'm so glad to have watched this video. Wow, wow, wow.
What i dont understand is i have been with him for 18 years, got married 4 years ago have a 16yr son. He never goes anywhere but work. I dont get where the cheating goes on. All the signs are 100% except forthedisapperring act. Please help me
Oh so true. Toxic people suck!
One exception regarding the epiphany...they will indeed change... For a day, a week. Maybe two? But then... Right back at er!
Spot on, im so glad i leavt my psycho as fuck partner, there so hardcore, she almost killed me psychologically. I feel sad for the next guy, poor fuck.
This is so accurate it's scary.
Thank you for your wise words.We are all so lucky that this stuff is so accessible.
This is so accurate of my previous relationship that it's scary.
5 years later, her daughter wants to meet with me for lunch because she misses me and I agree, mom calls me telling how exited she is, I tell the mom to F off, she tells me I can make my daughter hate you. This shit never ends. Cut off everything.
I like your videos a lot.  Just started listening to them and one of the things I like is that you don't hem haw around, you get right to the point.  I also like that you show the words on the screen, that way , I still get it if the sound isn't good.
Well, unfortunately, I have to say that my ex-did get me back for one night. 3 years after we broke up. He broke up with me and of course, it was my fault and not his. He used the "I realized I was an asshole and I have grown up. In my previous relationship, i noticed how we were so good together. And I really would want to see you and talk. At least be friends, if that is okay for you."We And after that meeting, we had and catch up for the last 3years. We sent texts for a while. Until I told him that I am seeing a therapist and diagnosed with depression. He just asked I hope the reason wasn´t me. And I said to him, well part of it was. And after that, I have not heard from him. And a couple of years later after seeing another therapist. A therapist told me that he was a narcissist. And it explains to me that it was not my fault.It just makes me mad that he got me a second time.
Very good...
I know from first hand experience this is true!
Unfortunately these are also things done and said by Psycopaths, sociopaths, etc.I wouldn't give so much time and energy to them -Classifying their behaviour as a sickness gives them an excuse for acting like an asshole.Many of them are simply assholes.
My heat goes out to all of you kind souls that went back to those monsters. My female narc did not Hoover me and never will but she messaged me that her feelings for me never changed and she felt for me as I felt for her through the hole 5 years we were together wtf! She still won't admit to the lies the manipulation the cruel words and hint or the cheating. I never messaged her back. But I am still in love with the lie it was so good when I had no idea what she was lol
Thanks, right on.Who is somebody who hadalso relieved youfrom all you savings and made you take out loans for them bypromising that they'll give back all your money because they'll get a huge windfall or some kind of settlement in the future?
"I love only you" SPOT ON!!! After a few months, I caught him in the act!!!
A narcissist will read books about human emotion and try to implement mimicry because they do not display human emotion. For example they learn to cry on command. They wont cry at a funeral or over the death of a loved one
I was with a narcissist for 4 years and he ruined my life his name is Juan Ruiz he goes by Rutz and he's a producer he destroyed my career on top of my dreams and I fell in love with somebody that thought object because I look like Charlize Theron oh my God it's worse thing in the world everybody needs to hear figure that guy he has hidden motives for everything he does he's really scary and disgusting he's the devil
It hurts to face the fact. But worth it. My ex was a narcissist and Every word in this video depicts him. I cut every possible ways for him to try to get back on me and I feel so relieved. Thanks for sharing. I won't ever fall in love withand givetoo many chances to a narcissist. I won't regret last 3 yrs, and I want to find the right man who loves me and worth-loving.
Dont call Henry a hoover , he finds it offensive
I think his fav thing to say is 'i didn't mean to hurt you OR say it that way' So then, how do i fix it...wrong thought right, i can't fix him, so, WHAT DO I DO WITH ME?? it has gotten bad. first lying, deceit then way over controlling. now he's argumentative and offended at what i say. HE does way overly passionate when he realizes i don't like the way he's treated me.....but, he's so perfect and wonderful to all that know him-family/friends/co-workers! i just want to scream at them 'he isn't all that great you know!"
Wow, this is truly my ex girlfriend.swear to god
It's been 5 weeks and my narcissist hasn't tried to come back... Why is this, it's atypical of the behaviors?
I gave this video a thumbs down because it comes off a implying most narcissists are men. I want to say that i as a person i notice the female narcissists more, maybe because im a male. Logically, i would say female narcissists are as common as male narcissists. But that's not how humans perceive reality, is it? Classmates, commanding officers/bosses and yes, my own mother. Women are much better at emotional manipulation mostly because they have higher degrees of empathy to begin with. Just my opinion.
Yes yes
#5 from the narcissist I dated: I'm sorry you were hurt, you misunderstood what I meant
How do you become a narcissist? What happened to them in life?
Mine is bi-polar/borderline personality with agoraphobia and now has difficulty walking and neurological attacks. when he was in the psych hospital for anxiety, he told everyone that I was the cause of our household issues(over numerous hospitalizations) and has his treatment team address my deficits. I corrected them and pointed out what he left out. finally, the last time he did it, the psychiatrists jaw dropped and she gave both of us a paper explaining co-dependency and each persons roll. when I saw his actions on the paper I got furious. I haven't let him corner me that way again. that's not to say that he does better. he still tries those tricks but I ignore him. I still gave up on anything better because , his family is dead and his games that he played on everyone in his life from adolescence deprived him of any skills to care for himself. it wouldn't take long for him to sell the house and spend every dime and be on the street. he doesn't even have a work history.I was in therapy until I lost my medical rides. I have 2 conditions which make it unsafe for me to go on public transportation. I do suffer from depression from it. during the first 2 years of therapy I would walk into her office and bawl before I got a word out. my sessions lasted an hour each week. wish I could get my ride back. :/funny part of it is, he tries to tell me that, this person said or that person says and in the past, that he could find other relationships (he did cheat on me 3 times. twice with friends that I brought over and once in the hospital). he never has taken into account that he cant meet anyone if he cant go out without me or I don't bring anyone home, which I learned not to do.he's tried revisiting the suicide threats every now and then. I just ask him if he wants to go back to the hospital. considering they don't take care of his very real heart condition, the answer is usually "no"
My husband is a bloody DYSON!!! He sucks way more than a Hoover. And.......professional shitbag arsehole douchebag!........yes, he kicked off tonight so I stonewalled him and once he realised he wasn't louder than the Biggie Smalls on my headphones, he stomped off to bed! Did you know I was stupid and lazy??? No..me neither lol! 🤷🏼‍♀️💪🏻
What happens when two narcissists are together because after watching this video and others I kind of feel like I may be a narcissist but that she is also a narcissist
God this video is scary
List starts at 2:42
How do you stop them backstabbing after you go no contact with them?They never give up!
I'm barely halfway thru this video and RELATE to everything and have experienced so much of this.It is so horrific when you realize what you have been involved in, but the truth shall set us free.
I wish I've known this before.Knowing it now definitely free me up from feeling guilty and stop me from doubting myself.Thank you.
This happened to me n im proud to say ive ended all communication with this person 2days now not easy as she texts insult after insult in the hopes I give up n blsme myself for her behavior. this time i aint givin up.hearing this video has opened my eyes..im broken but time heals n i know better so that there is no next time. thnx for the awesome video n hope it helps so many other ppl going through this.. protect your hearts stay strong subscribe n bless you all.
Holy fuck am I a narssisist I actually think I am how do I fix the way I am I don't like that this all points to this being who I am plz help wat do I do to change all of this
This was so helpful.Thank you!!
Thanks the toxic person happens to be my cousin.
You are always out if your league with a narcissist
Already knows that eversince ..but i was the type of a person who gve a chance nd still looking for the good ones that you have.but dont misinterpret my kindness for giving you a chance bcoz at the time that you cannot expect there will be no excuses for those things that you hadbeen done to me .you cant go back wherever you belong nd that its final.
Yup...experienced it all worse 6 years of my life my heart and mind were so jacked up even in recover only praying gets me through it. Because all hes done to me and. MORE people don't understand unless you endured that kind of abuse I couldn't get out for years. But I attended a church and wondeful loving fellowship that broke off the blind folds and God revealed how wicked he was and what was happening to me..through his sex addiction...and counseling...and pathological lying and ugh just so much arguing fighting and toxicity..I'm becoming free. I have 3 kids now..but I am in the process of my mind being free day by day. But the scars run deep. Some of these things he did later on in the beginning when I was still a teenager . then other forms of manipulation started into my adult hood. Crazy I see it now clearly before I was so fooled
Literally cackling cos this is so spot on omds looool
Wow...the whole therapy/ seeking counselling part my ex tried that with me while he was in a relationship with his new gf. I had no idea who he was when I met him - I literally thought I met my prince charming. Boy was I wrong, and I learnt the hard way...I'm so grateful to be out knowing the stuff he's done behind his new gf back and his lack of remorse and empathy (knocking on wood) 🙏
Thank you for posting this.
100% accurate🙄
Being horny is not narcisism. It is human nature suppressed by society norms.Narcs should be looked at like sociopaths. They are only out for themselves and have no interest in the welfare of their fellow man unless it benefits them.Ex. A woman will donate to a charity when it is popular and everyone is watching. Later driving down the road when nobody is around they will take bad about the homeless on the side of the road. These are the scenerios played out .
Been there😒🙌
This describes what I'm going through word for word. it is such a painful experience you won't understand unless you've dealt with it
So are you saying that a narcissistic can't be cured. there are some points that pertain to me but I feel the things I'm doing to fix my marriage is what I truly want I never cheated on her and I stop all the lying
Jesus, I wish this video existed and someone showed it to me when I was 23.
There are too many to count in my surroundings. they are in my life. but i dont give them an important role. i can handle emotions n esteem great. its just the choice to be in better reliable control then they think they are. they are always playing a game. but im playin life. so i laugh about their silly attempts to manipulate or feed of my energy by trying to cause fear. cause they play persons okay. play the only real game life and you are above it. them silly narcs are sad theirselfes. they never know love. so the fact is they are so fucking cursed n the reality is is that they fully hate theirselfes. cause they know they are failing in life savagly. so it comes from greed n jealousy. its not so hard to convince a narc he r she is done. they wont achieve anything no more in their miserable lifes. the point where they accept that fact. they cant accept life to breath further. thats where they can kill theirselfes. so beautiful. the suicide of a narc.
This happened to me n im proud to say ive ended all communication with this person 2days now not easy as she texts insult after insult in the hopes I give up n blsme myself for her behavior. this time i aint givin up.hearing this video has opened my eyes..im broken but time heals n i know better so that there is no next time. thnx for the awesome video n hope it helps so many other ppl going through this.. protect your hearts stay strong subscribe n bless you all.
Also there is a problem, once you have found out their narcissism they will do everything around you to set you up to look like the narcissist, mean while you'll be carefully treading your foots step so you don't set off more narcissistic behaviour that you had nothing to do with setting it off in the first place
100% Truth!Great job with this video!Now that I have broken free for nearly a year and healed from a relationship with a narcissistic person, I actually laughed out loud at some of the things that are so true and apparently the common acts of all narcissists.It's amazing how accurate this video is!Thank you for sharing.I am so grateful to be OUT of the relationship and have my life back.The person is completely out of my life - ZERO contact - and I am keeping it that way. That's the only way because the narcissists will ALWAYS try to manipulate you back into their sick relationship filled with lies and deceit.They are masterful liars and masterful manipulators.Stay as far away from them as you can and your life will be healthy, whole and complete again.YES our intuition always tells us and we need to trust and listen.I knew I shouldn't have entered into the relationship but allowed myself to be manipulated into it and it was traumatic mentally, emotionally and physically.That will NEVER happen again so thank you to my ex-narcissist for the lesson.The big lesson was VALUE - when we value ourselves, we wont draw in the narcissist.When we are not valuing ourselves is when the narcissist has an opportunity to sneak in.
What do you do when you discover the man you are deeply, madly in love with has been living a secret life? You thought the man you fell in love with was a sweet, caring, and respectable man of integrity.  That is until one day you discover that he has been on a dating website, despite the fact that you all are in a committed relationship and have spoken about getting married and spending the rest of your lives together on numerous occasions. You discover that this man  contacted 13 individuals within six days, five of them were transsexuals! You confront him and he claims that he contacted them as a joke, that he never did anything physical or cheated and begs for you to take him back. And because you love him and don't know him to be a liar or a cheater, you so foolishly take him back after many tears were shed and many promises were made. He says he'll do anything, change his number, delete the app and go to counseling. You try to make the relationship work for the next month. But then the next visit happens and you discover that he is still being dishonest with you. This time you discover that he has met up with an escort. You confront him and he denies it. He states that nothing ever happened and that you ought to believe him.After trying to make the relationship work and taking this man back despite  him breaking your heart you feel devastated that he still will not tell the truth. That keeping up with the facade that he created was much more important than coming clean. He begs you once more to not end things. He states that he truly didn't do anything. That he dropped the woman off from doing Lyft and then later asked the questions to see what kind of jobs were held in the building of which she worked. He claims he was never there and never went up stairs despite what the text says. He claims that he didn't ever cheat on you and that he loves you. That you are his dream woman. You and your daughter are his family and he can't live without you. That he wants to marry you and adopt your child so she'd be his.  If that were true, why all the secrecy? Why do such shady things? Why? Because the narcissist doesn't care. They care about the facade that they've built up will crumble. He is in the navy. What a great life he would've had.  That's why he still has our picture up on as his profile picture on Facebook. He wants to be seen as a family man who has a great career. It's all about the facade.  Now I feel lost and confused. Like the person I loved doesn't even exist. That I was in a relationship with a ghost.
"I have dedicated my life to you!"He actually said, and heactually believed it. The author is mostly right but missing some of it. My N was and still is obsessed with me. It's been nine years. Crazed guy is still at it, still sends insane text messages. He had a dream (thinks he is psychic, seriously). Or he's in the midst of another jealous fit.
The world is full of these sick people.
My heart shattered even more while watching this video.I experienced every single scenario described. I was married to a narcissist for 13 years and didn't even know it. Wish me luck trying to divorce a narcissist.
Does everyone fit this profile

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