5-Paragraph Essay with Examples

1. Review of the 5-paragraph essay format with examples 2. Common issues with papers 3. Correct heading formatting

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I'm writing an essay in college entrance exam, am I required to put my name top left and date?
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This really helpful, well explained. I have to present the writing test, and I am going to use this method. I amsure it will useful. Thanks so much.
Could you include examples of bad body paragraphs? I hope i didn't miss it, i was kind of skimming through.
This was exactly what I needed to exemplify the model to the private student I've been working with.  Thank you for sharing.
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Will this same structure help you in ged essay?
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Very informative video. Thanks for this. I'm going for my GED English test tomorrow. Watching this video and practicing along with it has strengthened my confidence.

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