5 tips to improve your writing

Want to become a better writer? In this video, I will share five easy and quick tips that will improve writing in formal and academic settings. If you're in college or university or plan to study overseas, this video is for you! Watch the lesson, then take the quiz:

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I love you Emma
I helped this video with the subtitles
Thanks, that was useful
Amazing thank you for the video
Except of the first advice about contractions, others are wrong!
Thank you,very helpful.
Ugly bitch
Great tips. really great tips. i tried and used a couple of times this testing and training in writing and my texts began look very different, it looked like some govr statement :) and that was the goal i wanted. thanks for explaination. And guys - just make yourself to train more and more, train writing speaking listenin and reading with your great efforts - its hard and not a lovely doing but do it untill exam and know that after this you will relax as never before :) motivate yourself and know one single main thing - everything will be ALRIGHT !!! Cheers
Do you want lost your time?read this comment
Basically stick to the point be blunt and sweet at the same type
. So it's not doesn't it's dose not? .... .
Guys please help. I don't feel motivated to write, until I found a new favorite word to use on my sentences. Is this normal? And my favorite word at the moment is "so". Hence I'm a bit sad to know that it shouldn't be used. You're so pretty btw Emma.
Hey emma, I have one question. I didn't write any high vocabulary in ielts writing test. Then it will affect my band?
Thanks mam
This isn't about hand writing #MyBad
I passed my english class cause of this video
TIPS: 1. Avoid: contractions Don't ==> do not, Can't ==> cannot etc 2. Avoid: there are / there is Example: there are many development projects in the UN ==> The UN supports many development projects 3. Avoid: really ==> avoid as much as possible very ==> use a stronger world a lot ==> many(for countable noun), much (for uncountable nouns) so ==> avoid as much as possible 4. use active voice whenever possible. 5. Use strong verb: he gave assistance to my friend==>He assissted my friend, made an objection ==> objected, conducted an investigationv ==> investigated
To boring
"who is" Watching this because their language arts grade/Reading is bad
I like this Video and Emma is teaching these lessons well.
Good job!
I would like to say that If we read any novel of U.S. Then We get the writers are using contractions in their writing... So Can you please give me some tips to how to start writing a novel and what are the ways to show your novel more sensible..
Great! Thank you very much
Hello Emma, I would like to know if these type of words can be used in a sentence for IELTS General! Thank You.
Your tips is so very effective
Can I use "Most of the" instead of "a lot of"???Is it better????
Very good!!!
You very nice and your learn very charming
Excuse me..its about how to improve handwriting and yourtalking about contractions...bitch.plzzz
Hlw mam...maybe u please provide the common essays topics of task 2 ?
Rather than "much" (eg "much time"), I prefer "a large amount of" or "a great deal of". We can also use "a large number of" for countable nouns.
These are called Weak expressions (not verbs). Anyway, that was awesome, thank you.
I always thought using passive voice will improve our writings. I would say we should use both, that way we will have a more coherent text.
The only thing people retain is the beginning and end of an essay. Yet is a useless skill forced on us by our educations system. You know what would impress me more than a smart person droning on about something neither of us care about. A smart person who can summarize something that is normally written into an essay without missing the crucial information.
EMMA'S PRESENTATION ARE ATTRACTIVE, EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND RELIABLE OF CONTENT!! Being used at International Business College, English Comp 1301 and 1302. Thank's again.. Jeri Hallberg Harmon Griffin, M Ed
It is sad that they teach us the use of Don't,Can't,shouldn't,isn't so you cannot use it in formal writing.
Emma habibti thank you and we love you
I prefer to avoid people who care about these things
Thanks a lot for the tips
Haha don't use contractions that's a good idea ๐Ÿ˜‚
I will avoid contradiction, use of a lot, very, there is/arefrequently.. Thank you
It helps mea lot . thank u mam๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
This is very useful to improve my writing ability.thank you sooo much ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
Is not it great? I mean that is how you'll write?
This video is not downloading? do you strike any restriction Emma?
Thank you for share with us all your knowledge <3
I want to read the comments but they might be disencouraging. ;)
Why are contractions bad?
How does research enhance your writing abilities?
For 3rd tip, we can also use intensifying adverbs like" highly, extremely, ridiculously, deeply, bitterly, strongly, etc."
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Excellent teacher!!
Emma, you are the best teacher. I've learnt a lot from you thanks.
I love the way u teach
Thanks for that useful information
Thanks you so much. i like your teaching. its understand easily^^
Emma my friend you r good teacher.
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I'm very grateful with this video your pronunciation is very well. I want to suscribe
Luv u
Your channel is copied by indian girl so report her chanel to youtube search ur keyword to check her channel
Thanks on the contraction,avoid there is / there are,really , very ,a lot,so, Emma it helps a lot in academic !
What you do is great and very helpful, thank you!
I am taking ESL, and I am learning constantly through your videos. I wish you are my teacher. Thank you Emma for the videos.
Very effective video :)
Hi, Emma, i have a doubt which sounds better many students or most of the students, needed a clarification thank u.
Great video. Thx Emma!
Thanks Emma. Useful tips.
I love you! :)<3
Jp thanks for the informative info
Thank you for your work good video
I love you emma
Really amazing vdo.
Thanks so much teacher Emma
Good tips.
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Very helpful
Wow many of things that never know about it befor it thank you so much
Thank uuuuu you're the best .
Thanks for that useful information
How about I'm goingto say( very important) it's ok to use it like that or use another word instead of (very) and what is it ?
I am from Scotland UK im 36yrs old an I can read, speak and spell my Accents Scottish and my language is English I am from the central belt, but when it comes to , and . and "" I still have a hard time, I have a hard time spelling big fancy words, so does anyone know how I can improve on that make it better. I would love to be a writer myself good at essays and stuff like that, I was in Hight school English class I did love it but I can read but my bigest down fall in school was writing it was never good enought apart I could write, but I wish I was better at it, but how can I start searching about it what do I call it where do I start, and make my own writing easier for people to read if I start to be an author.
Ok? ok? ok? OK?
*Where can I find essays writing company?*
It's weird how cannot is just one word.
Nice it's knowlagble
Thanks to EngVig for all the amazing tutorials. I really appreciate them and they came in very useful. Just saw my results and I couldn't contain my excitement.
Thank you emma๐Ÿ˜Š
She is not attractive, but for some reason she turns me on
It just shows how touchy people are on everything.
Thanks it was really easy and simple
Can this help writing a novel?

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5 tips to improve your writing