5 tips to improve your critical thinking - Samantha Agoos

View full lesson: Every day, a sea of decisions stretches before us, and it’s impossible to make a perfect choice every time. But there are many ways to improve our chances — and one particularly effective technique is critical thinking. Samantha Agoos describes a 5-step process that may help you with any number of problems. Lesson by Samantha Agoos, animation by Nick Hilditch.

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Critical thinking is not a "technique". It is rather a state of mind. "I don't want to believe, I want to know."
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Use text in video. More effective presentation.
1. Take chemistry A level 2. Then cry
Worth a like
Useful for children
Intjs here ✋
I am a Nigerian prince.Do you want my money?
This video is a start towards better understanding of CT.
Critical thinking is a tool that you should deploy when you need to make important decisions or solve difficult problems, but you don’t need to think critically about everything. And even in important matters, you will experience lapses in your reasoning. What matters is that you recognize these lapses and try to avoid them in the future.
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Great tool kit
My version of 5 tips to improve your critical thinking = 1: don't be liberal 2: don't be liberal 3: don't be liberal 4: don't be liberal 5: don't be liberal
It's the scientific method guys! ;)
Im a virgo so this comes naturally
I think Trump Won because people don't know how to use critical thinking right at the time when they vote.
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Law studentfeels
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A key point in critical thinking. Do not be afraid to be uncomfortable.
Now i will critically think of everything I do
So we should reward the children for the crimes of the parent? Makes sense
Obrigado pelo video.
Help me some name of book about critical thinking ! Thankyou so much !
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No 5 is becoming increasingly rare these days with people = Echo chambers
Narrators voice made me feel lazy and drowsy. *yawns* I am going to slwweep....
You had me at the gas comment you liberal environmentalist fuckheads
Okay, that was a little obvious...
Well.its seems iam professional critical thinker
I cringe to why anyone would dislike this
5 step process sounds exhausting XD
I tried this with Donald Trump getting elected and I still hate him.
Critical thinking sympoly is finding the truth whatever it is.
Fake psychology! It's just trying to trick you into "considering" fake news' failing liars instead of believing the alternative facts you know in yourself are true and that will make America graet again.
I am so trying the pineapple hotdog diet!
Should I masturbate later?
The 937 people who disliked this video do not have any logic.
That's what i learn during debate 😇
Wow if that ain't predictive television I sure don't no what is unreal plug climate change anymore could ya
Those two guys who disliked arnt thinking criticaly
Lol and all i think about is food
I'm sorry, but the animation on this one was abysmal
Apply ur critical thinking , save time. same generic bullshit.
Step 6: never believe the politicians.
Want more critical thinking eat fruits for +5 critical.
Had I known this before, I could have just slept my way through college.
Critically thinking, theme of my life.
Hi, anyone know how to make a video like this? Thanks ^^
Is anyone else on a TED-ed video marathon?
99.999% of Cambodians should watch this vdo. Oh wait, they're are so Re…
So, you are telling me that I need to ask a professional if I need tochoose between eating a chocolate Ice cream Or vanilla Ice cream. (Not hating I love Ted-Ed)
I use critical thinking naturally. I wonder what percentage of the population does as well.
When a cult that says it has the perfect, complete and unchanged answer to every problem then you should believe your political elites that it means 'peace' and you should submit immediately rather than be an ape, pig, infidel, hater. war mongerer, bigot, racist, scum, someone who should be killed vermin less than dirt.
So you wanna tell me that not everyone uses critical thinking to make desisions?Isn't that like the only way to make desisions?
So this was samantha?
Gracias munequitos!!
I do number 3, 4, 5 a lot. Now on number 2, it depends on what you are looking for in my case I have had a hard time finding information before on a few topics, of course, though it is information is ever and changing even on the internet.
I think the talk should reveal some common logical traps we may fall into.
I feel like All this told me is to analyze everything to the max and I already to that which results in me seeing every option as shit and never making a decision...
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Unfortunately, the people who lack critical thinking are the same people who don't even have the intelligence necessary to understand a concept like critical thinking and why it's important
Step Number 5: Why does the white man have the black womans nose, and why does the black woman have the white mans nose? How's that for critical thinking :P
- and what are you supposed to do when you don't know what you are looking for. - i would appreciate an answer.
Really all it takes is looking at the information available and reasoning through what makes the most sense given the information, and being open to the possibility that other people have information you don't, or have reasons that counter your reasons to come to a different conclusion.It's sad to see so many people take forming their beliefs so lightly then pushing them so strongly."It's just what I believe" is something I should never need to hear.
The only one I can probably relate to is #5
I discovered that I have been always using critical thinking
1: formulate your question 2: gather your information 3: apply the information 4: consider the implications 5: explore other points of view
Also just pointing this out but this is clearly in favor of my political party, democrats. But if it's a video on critical thinking, maybe it'd be fun to show both idealogical concepts. I don't think they realized I'd then be wondering where mike pence is coming from. I've done this before... and honestly it still does not seem to get me far in how republicans work. I'm just gonna lay an example below. So most of my republican friends say global warming is a hoax, There have been many hoaxes over the years, and considering the implications of it, it does in fact sound like a crazy guy on the street yelling out "REPENT, THE END IS NEIGH!" However then I look at who's saying it... scientists... they usually go to college and get degrees, they study things like atmospheric pressure and composition... This is where I find myself opposed... Are there any Republican critical thinkers who i can have a lighthearted debate with?
Bernie sanders voters watch this
When I am thinking about something without knowing that I am thinking, I automatically think critically. But, when I found out that I am thinking, I stop thinking critically. Why is that? is it because my brain can only either think about things that I want to think or think what I am thinking?
This video really helps me.
It is all over the place
The study, use and understanding of critical thinking should be a staple in any upbringing of any child.
Flat earthers adopt this 5 step model quite rigorously. But in step 1, their question is, "How can I confirm my belief that the earth is flat?" ... oh and they also disregard step 5 out of hand.
Thank you for making your animation look like people
Good video it helped i subbed
Can someone do this with donald trump's election?
Finally something i have been doing right in my life.
Very good
4:29 of information which is highly useless. If you are woman, you will possibly choose right diet using critical thinking.
Great job
Trump haters need to listen to what is being said in this video. Not saying you need to like him; just wanting people to understand WHY there are people who support him.
I used to do this without knowing that it was some sort of skill. Like, going to the supermarket for a snack. "The red one or the blue one?" "Well my mom likes this one more, but the other flavor is new." "But I wanna share this with her. This one has more advantages, red one it is." xD
What if you have to decide between something you WANT to do and something important but boring you HAVE to do. How would you determine your question? What would the question (step 1) be?
Sadly, this seems to be impossible for many people.
Interesting i was doing most of these steps instinctively :D
Can someone tell me what application or software that can be used to make an animated video like this ??
Not really what I was expecting because I this just sounds like forming an opinion/decision.I was hoping to see how you can exercise your critical thinking skills when you're not necessarily in a situation where you need to think critically. Like doing puzzles or something.
We should've showed this video to voters before the election last year.

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5 tips to improve your critical thinking - Samantha Agoos