5 Tips For Writing College Essays

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Let's get this video to 1000 thumbs up in 1 day JessiCATS! Also, comment below your study questions and I will try and answer them in my upcoming study party! xo
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OMG these help so much!!! By the way I love all your videos
Im watching this because if i don't hnad in my 1000 words essay on the merchant of venice i fail year 9 english lol,
Extremely helpful if you are writing essays. I have to write one for college history and but here is no argument or question I have to answer. I just got a topic:(
Its more like an advertise than anything else
These tips are so basic, it's what teachers already tell you. Not very helpful because they are very obvious.
Soooo is this all in one day..or??,
Whoaaaaaaaa I'm a Jessica!!!
I have to do 3 essays in order to get into an art course. This is my essay question "In The Lieutenant Kate Grenville suggests that communication is essentail for worthwhile relationships. discuss" help me
Why is everything too arrogantly pink?
How may I purchase your essay guides?
Hi Jess, my friend and I love you so much, we always talk about you and reference you when we see cute stationary or do well in tests and assignments! Love you💜💛💚💙
I love your video but can you put english subtitle in your video tutorial :) thanks
Thank you so much for my A, for both my essays. I found the template on word and this is so much easier to organise my essay.
Hello guys, I've started a gig on Fiverr and I'm offering to help proofread and edit 1,000 words of an essay for $5.-All contributions help an incoming college student!
2017 10th board exam people anyone
*Can anyone recommend essays writing company?*
I'm trying to get accepted to UCLA,to study psychology.
My name is josiah i like natute, food , physical activity and larp . i also have a fast matabolism
This is so helpful. Thank you! You are such a great speaker, keep it up!
You are so pretty
Speak slowly yaar
I watch u kuz ur hot
Can you do a video about synthesis essays?
How to analysis Pleeeeeeez
You look like you cant get off your phone
Swd please do a video of /How to study foreign language please....
Fuck long intros.fuck u
I love smart women so sexy... great information thank you :)
Thamk you really appreciate it thank you my teacher is so pround of me and one more question can you make a vedio about how to write a essay in 30 min cause the teacher wants me to do that for the test
My eassy topic is the person who i admire the most
Talk slowly
I really want to buy all the products from your stationery line but I'm so broke! Wahhhhh!
Please make a video about how to write an essay in a different language
Hi, I'm a new jessicat and this is my very first essay for my Comp 1 , Thank you!!!!
This is so helpful and is so kind of you to help people in their education!!
Really basic
My first semester in college.. Im drowning.. lol
I have a writing FSA test tomorrow and I'm soo nervous
I saw this at my literature class today😂
Do diy
Why don't we have an own subject for learning how to learn?
Something about me is that i want to become a famous singer when im older and hopefully start my career soon!
I have a compo test that is huge tomorrow
Thanks for helping, I'll be sure to leave you a like and a subscribe 👍
Where could I get that planner?
Can you do a video on how to pull an all-nighter?
Thx you because u really helped me
Great video, as always. Although I have a few questions. How do you stop procrastinating? And how do you get back your motivation after loosing it completely?
What I do is writ but live big spaces
Wow, this really helped! Went from a B- to an A!
Nice and Good Tips. Thanks for sharing this essay writers tips.
Is this video meant for boys too? Cause the level of pinkness is this video, is pretty damn girly I must say !
Omg I love your channel 💗
I am good at everything in school but essays.  This really helped me.  Thank you.
I take 5 minutes break and watch a youtube video but then I end up 5hours and 92720181 video
Tips starts at1:31
Essay sucks🙎😭😭
THANK YOU you motivated me so much, i appreciate you xxx
Hi there. absolutely loved ur vids
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What is a Rough draft in a essay
Can you give examples if your doing another essay video pls pls pls
This is legit one of the best videos you've ever made 😘😍😍😍😍😍👍🏻 luv u
Hey Jess, thank you so much, i have a huge test tomorrow and i think you really helped me, i'm gonna continue watching your videos from now on.
Thank u for teaching me how to writing essay.
Check out my YouTube channel
Can I have a essay planner like yours
Hi jess, nice to meet you. i can't to meet you because i life in jakarta. i want to see you another time. another time i'm go to australia. thanks already want to give study tips
Where did you get all those supplies?
Why have I not discovered your videos before.......I have today and tomorrow @ 11:55pm to finish an essay assignment. Thank you for the tips Jess :D. I probably learnt more from you than my university teacher! lol. You are one classy youtuber and you have a very white set of teeth too!! :D
Thank u for teaching me how to writing essay
Your videos are so attractive that I watch these every day.I love your smile too.I wish my room was like your ^^.Its so clean and tidy
Hi im new
Thank u for teaching me how to writing essay
Hey COOL !!!! watch up my vids too xo
I'm not only subscribing because she's cute, I actually need help and I liked how she presented everything. Yeah that's it.
Did she ever pause or take a breath..? :)
Use grammerly
You're very pretty!!! I think I am in love!
Hey Jess, I was wondering if you have any tips for writing comparative essays. Our high school makes us write a lot of them and I just can't seem to get the marks that I aim to achieve. I have trouble with writing these types of essays because not only do they ask us to compare and analyse two different texts but they also ask us to do so regarding a theme.
Thanks , it was useful
Hi, I get tired a lot and don't get enough time to finish my work and study. how do you manage doing a ton of work?
I ❤️Study With Jess!!
It's first time find you out today. Sounds so wealth all of your tips for writing essaysbut I couldn't concentrate fully as I typically do to study. You are so much beautiful;; I apologize everyone whose got same feelings as much as me lol
Hi Jess, great video (you are refreshingly colourful). I love your essay planner. Could you please tell me where you got this? Thanks in advance :)
Too fast came down
Do you have any tips for short essays? My professor gives us only 500 words to analyze three elements of a play! I always have so much to say, and while I try to be economical with my words I never feel like I have enough room to properly structure my essay!
I love you jess you help me so much!!!
Thank youvery much
Thank you so much your tips helped me in my english essay in my test😀😀😀😀
Thank You so much!!!!
I am very funny !!) question ? How can you be able to do homework and then have time to chill and relax a bit rather then staying up and becoming sleep deprived or losing 9-8 hours of sleep ??.

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5 Tips For Writing College Essays