5 College Essays That Suck

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Hey supertutortv can you do the opposite of this video please.
Just what I needed! Currently in the process of writing my essays! #classof2018
Am I the only transfer students here lol!
Fuck i need to start studying
College essay recommendations for NYU?
Could you please clean up your laptop?)
Can you do a video on the application process for international students.
Brooke is always so helpful. I love the fact that she always explains her methodology behind what she finds useful or not so useful. Thanks once again, Brooke.
I kind of get where the Jesus essay people are coming from though. I attended a Christian school my whole life and we are taught that the day we accept Christ is the best day of our entire lives and the most important thing that will ever happen to us. As a non Christian I totally get why it all sounds like bullshit an most people don't want to hear about that, but on the other hand, I also see why someone would feel so inclined to write that as it is very acceptable to write a college essay about the best day of your life.
Does anybody have any tips for cutting down your overall essay? I wrote my essay but it's already over 700 words :/
I wish they'd just get rid of the essay. I don't like to share personal things with people I don't know. It's incredibly uncomfortable, and honestly I don't think it's terribly relevant. It just seems like I'm being asked to be vulnerable with a big, cold, faceless institution, and it's just... offputting. I don't really have much difficulty sharing my transcripts or virtually anything else applications ask for, but if I'm going to pay someone to listen to part of my life story, I feel like that should be a therapist, not some guy at a desk who honestly couldn't care less about me and has no reason to.
Do you think an essay topic about a personal passion for the Glee TV series would be considered unique?
Could you do a video possibly for adult moms going back to school? I enrolled and start classes 8-7-17 and Im a mom of 2 full time job and commute back and forth to work about 1.5 hours a day. I've been looking for tips and advice from other adults and hard to find anything that isn't from a high school student. Been out of school for 10 years(can't believe Im old enough to say that now) and Im super nervous. Thanks for the consideration.
+Brooke, when will you be publishing your ACT book(s)???
The sarcasm in this is exactly my kind of humor. :)
Can yu please make more top 5 or 5 about topics
Harvard 2022
So...I'm the only girl on my football team, and I decided to kick once varsity season came bc my parents wouldn't let me play contact anymore. Would an essay highlighting how at first, my coach would only let me kick when we were loosing by a lot, to him trusting me to kick the first field goal of homecoming game when it was close? I would talk about how I and others went from not believing in me, to truly having faith in me. And how I grew along the way and what I'll take away from playing football for 6 years. Good idea or nah??
Hey do you think I could email my college essays to you?I would love some feedback! Love this vid btw
Brooke, I love what you've done with your hair!!
Wow, you posted this at the right time! i'm about to start my senior year and these college app essays have me stressed.
This was very helpful, thank you!!!
Wrote applications last year. The whole time I was like "let this not be me". Borderline traumatic.
"Are you applying to college soon?" me: *sweating bullets* _YES_ also me: *hasn't even entered the eighth grade yet*
What if it's an essay about overcoming a struggle and or a few struggles in your life? Of course they'd be unique and descriptive to the circumstance but is it too clichΓ©
I'm an academic.I work in a history department at a university (I know I'm not being specific, but truly, I wouldn't be that hard to find).I think learners should keep in mind that other learners who are not Christian are always instructed not to put any religious experiences and even volunteer work on resumes and CVs, much less write essays about them.I cannot tell you how many times in Speech and Debate I was told not to wear my Jewish star necklace (and I was ranked as one of the top ten debaters in the nation when I graduated).I was told not to include anything at all about temple volunteer work on my resume, despite the volume of the volunteer work I did.We need to move in the direction of solidarity with those who can't include these activities in the first place without worrying who's reading their essays.It's very telling to me that 2/5 topics discussed here are 1) religious in nature 2) clearly from Christians, because nearly anyone else would be afraid to write about being Muslim/Jewish/Sikh/etc.Christians have the privilege of not having to think about it.
Just starting freshman year of highschool!
Is talking about my book reading passion good? Such as I like reading, collecting, and watching reviews for books
I clicked your link to book a session, but it's not working. How else can I get in touch with you so you can help check my college essays?
I want to write about my passion for railways and how it makes me want to go and explore the world. Is that a unique essay topic?
I know this is more of a "help me write in general" question, but does anyone know how to display humor in writing without emojis? I'm embarrassed to say that addicted! Maybe some humor would be the difference between denied and accepted?
This summer I volunteered at an animal rescue center in Costa Rica and was considering writing my college essay about the experience of helping rehabilitate baby sloths by taking them on walks... Will this be too much of a 'mission trip' essay?
This video has helped me so much in making my college application essay. Thank you very much. I was able to reflect on myself more. :)
Thank you for including the mission trip ones... they're so privileged.
I have struggled through constant moving until i came to terms by moving in with my dad and how I felt that was the best decision I have ever made academically and ethically. (super vague right now but would be more detailed) does anyone think that would be a good idea ? It touches on my lowest time in life and my uprising pretty much.
Also sports essays 99.9% of the time are just lame.
Would a good essay be aboutbeing an introvert and how i overcome it ?
Any suggestions for my University of Texas Essay??? Β Β  Prompt: What was the environment in which you were raised? Describe your family, home, neighborhood, or community, and explain how it has shaped you as a person. I wrote one but I'm worried ahhh
Good video ! Hopefully my transfer essays go well
My father died when I was 12 years old, on Christmas of all days. I would like to explain how it impacted me/how it made me choose my passion/early career choice in the field of medicine. It has impacted my life so much and still does to this day. Would this be a good option?
Idk why im watching this im already in college
Okay so the ''mission trip'' topic isn't good but what about what i discovered while being an au pair for two months across the world?
My heart was literally pounding hoping that she wouldn't say my essay topic πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
SUPERTUTOR TV I NEED YOUR ADVICE! so basically i'm going to take subject tests in october, but i need your advice on which ones to take: math 2 and chemistry or math 2 and chemistry and biology? i'm definetly taking math 2, but i could do either chemistry (which is a requirement for a program i'm applying to - btw i'm a senior in high school) and no bio or do both (i want to improve bio as well, but since i have apps to fill out, i don't want to overwhelm myself, plus bio isn't a requirement for anything). also, i'm taking the act in september, so that'll be out of the way by the time sat subject tests come around. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK?? DO CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY OR JUST CHEMISTRY?? ONLY DO WHAT'S REQUIRED OR DO BOTH TO SHOWCASE MY SKILLS TO COLLEGES (since i really want to become a doctor)??? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Weird question most people aren't asking but where is she from? She mentioned a school in my area I thought only people around me had heard of so I'm curious
Would you read essays if they weresent to you?
So basically if you're a normal everyday kid, that didn't have any life changing experiences to write about or some awesome story to tell which majority of the time is fabricated B.S. you might as well just keep going to practice everyday, work hard at your grades make it through high school as a normal everyday kid then just skip the essay portion of your application because according to this no one wants to hear how boring your high school life can be keeping your nose clean, thanks for all your help babe
Hey Brooke / SuperTutorTV Knowing it was a bad idea I told my parents I was an atheist and they didn't support that. They started looking at me like I have a disease or there is something wrong with me. They took me to priest and stuff to try to convert me. I learned that there perspective was that people would view them as failing as parents because their son was an atheist. This is something important to me, but would it hurt my essay if I talk about religions????? Also would it be better to say agnostic maybe, because atheist is a stigmatized word????? Or should I just ditch this topic altogether???
If you talk about a time in your life where you were not mentally well, is that not good to talk about because schools will think that you are unstable?
My husband is a college consultant here in shanghai . I am so interested to learn more about this
So if I write about one person I met on a mission trip who caused me to realize that I have a passion for using my STEM talents to help others through studying not only engineering but also language.... that's the typical 'mission trip' essay right?
What do you guys think of an essay regarding how my ~5 years of volunteer work with rescued/boarded horses taught me that animals are individual personalities (along a vegan ideology without necessarily mentioning veganism), and how I want to share this with the world through the career that I choose?
What if you've been on multiple mission trips and on those mission trips you say helped remodel the orphanages library. Would that be good to include?
I love how she's so direct and succint
Can you proofread my essay in any way?
Yikes my college essay was about my experience denying religion and how it affected my life
I'm majoring in public policy/political science and I wrote my essay about the lack of lethal injection drugs available to the US and possible alternatives to solve this issue (such as other drugs or non-medicinal alternatives). I didn't talk about the death penalty itself but it is a rather controversial topic. Is this too political or too vague?
Your laptop is dirty
Will you talk about the GRE one day? and graduate school essays?
What about an essay about your race or struggles from being a part of a different community (ex. Poor, lgbtq)? Would these types of essays be too common/generic?
Boston university
What video editing software do you use?You do a nice job on these.Thanks
Hi SuperTutor TV. It would be awesome and completely helpful if you make a video about students getting into their dream school with low gpa' s. Nonetheless, i would like to thank you for making great quality contents focusing on how to survive high school. It is truly needed in my life.
When you're currently writing common app essays
Hey SupertutorTV! I know that this is a long shot, but I just wanted to ask a couple of things. 1) all my classes are honors and AP, and therefore my GPA is a 4.1 out of 4.0. I asked my counselor and he says that it is indeed over the 4.0 limit. Is this true? 2)with that GPA, and an ACT of 33, will I be considered as academically competent? It will be greatly appreciated if these were answered. Thanks.
Your cynicism about the mission trip essay is on point.
Class of 2021, anyone?
You look younger here
My heart was literally pounding hoping that she wouldn't say my essay topic πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
What is the equivalent to an A and do colleges look at a number grade or the letter grade?
Yaya nkum
I want to do an essay about my experience in a mental hospital but i don't want to come off as whiny/corny/irresponsible/pompous. any tips? or should i nix it all together
Hello, I was wondering if writing about an accident that I had last summer will be boring to the reader? There was an apartment fire explosion the first day I came to the united states, 7 people died because of the accident, but I was the lucky one to escape that terrible fire. Can you please advise me please ? And please also include how I can show my story tothe reader without telling him/her ? Please πŸ™ @SupertutorTV#Classof2018
I'm thinking of writing about dealing with my epilepsy throughout high school and how I have come to terms with it, would writing it about this be a good idea?
Hi Brooke! I was just wondering, were you an admissions officer before??
How many college essays should we make for college
I wish this video was published a year ago, so I knew about these topics more in depth. I mean, I know these are cliche essay ideas, but it would've been nice to know what's completely wrong about them. πŸ˜… But hey, I got into Fordham, so I did something right, I guess.
Haha i couldn't stop laughing when you were talking about the mission trip. i'm a rising junior, but i'll definitely be using these tips in the future
Would an essay detailing about how obtaining an art degree was shunned in my household until I won best of show at an art show? I want to describe how I felt like a failure but ultimately changed my perception once I realized that I really have talent
I'm thinking about writing about the time when I fell off a roller coaster and I spent a week at the hospital and had seen all of my friends and family looking after me, and it ended with me getting a homemade video made by my enitre family.
Could I describe my thought process and successes and failures while working on a huge project for a competition? It was an engineering project so it will reflect my major
You look so beautiful without the lipstick.
My essay was kind of a subversion of the "I Got an A Essay". On my transcripts I had a lot of great grades and then a few honestly terrible ones. I knew they'd wonder what happened and the grades embarrassed me so I kinda just bit the bullet and went into why I got those grades, why it's not an excuse, and why I'll never do it again. I talked about the pressure my family put on me and how I crumbled under it due to my depression that started to flare up in high school. How I just lost all motivation to work in those classes. How much I regret that and how I've grown from it. And apparently it was good enough to get me into my first choice college! I move in on the 7th ☺️
Would a study abroad essay fall under the mission trip essay? Like it's an entire year instead of just a week or two, but should I just ditch that idea?
My dad is a criminal defense lawyer and I wanted to write about that in my essay (how I realized how valuable his job is despite the irony of defending a criminal), but there isn't really one specific moment where I had an "epiphany" it was just something I gradually came to realize. Any advice on how I should format my essay, since I know specifics and details are really valuable in creating a great essay
DO you tutor in the NYC area?
I already know what I'm going to write in my essay and it involves none of these. 🀣
Would an essay about how I didn't start thinking about colleges seriously until junior year, be OK if I talk about how I found a passion for biology because of a good teacher. I'd talk about how junior year was the most active year of my life BC of volunteering in activities that fit my passion for biology and how I had a massive Improvement in my swimming from frosh speed to almost lettering to reinforce that I'm hardworking despite my garbage freshman and sophomore years. I'd also say that I'm working on a journal about super absorbents for horticultural purposes for a potential patent with my dad.
I need so much help on my essay I have an idea I need someone to look over i would be blessed if you looked at it
Hi brooke, could you read my essay please, i need some feedback
Hi, this is George from Vienna, Virginia. I am currently a rising junior in high school. I want to kindly state that I disagree from your 2nd standpoint, which is "I get an A" essay. I understand that your point about it will show automatically on my report card and test scores. However, every kids have different situations in different subjects. Like me, I am not a native english speaker and I moved from China after 6th grade. I never even ever plan/already took honors or AP english classes in my high school life. I still find that regular level english classes are really really challenging. This is unlike my friends in my high school which are native speakers. On my transcript as grade-wise, everything else mainly goes well except some B’s for English even as regular classes! I feel like I really want to talk about this experience of learning English and how to progress my English grade throughout the year. This doesn’t SOUND BORING AT ALL TO ME; and AT THIS POINT, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON MY SITUATION OR THE STANDPOINT AS A COLLEGE ADMISSION OFFICER? Thanks so much and sorry this comment is too long to read!
I just survived a heart attack at 00:02
Would writing about my experience with depression and anxiety be a good essay topic?
I've been freaking out about where to start with these essays, thank you so much
I'm international Can I talk about how I see my country? How it hurts me but at the same time it's making me to push further because I want to do something for this place? Thanks by the way
Hi I just wanted to know if you had an email I can contact you , your helpfulin so many ways
Unless you elaborate on why, these ideas are egregious. If you expand, some of these are OK (in my opinion).


Reading my common app essay that got me into yale!!! today, i read my common application essay that i wrote last year when i applied to yale. thanks for watch

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