Sub for more:| JON AUSTIN for the ever colorful Express out of the United Kingdom reports, folks are stocking up on food supplies amid fears the world could end in just 48 hours when a total eclipse of the sun, super full moon and staggeringly close asteroid pass of earth are set to happen within a span of hours. On March 8 asteroid TX 68, a 30-metre long lump of space rock, is due to whistle past Earth as close as 19,000 miles away. But some are not convinced it will miss us amid fears we won't be able to see it because it will be obscured by the sun. See the report here:Read more: SUPPORT THE NETWORK WITH THE LINKS BELOW! Patreon $5/mo: Give once: Give BTC: 1FavdYfkWAJyvG3NQYincevCmP28v28uPg Tip Brian The Editor: T-Shirt Shop: Gold buyer's strategy: Teach Your Child About Liberty: Watch Us on Tiger Steam! $50 off promocode: BUYTIGERSTREAM Cast your vote in the Selection 2016 Poll: Send Us News Tips! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL! Hashtag: #N3

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This is bullshit
We're still here bitches
Like I said on the last video, but was ignored, it's a little late now. political correctness and politics will follow us to our extinction. or most of you anyways.
This earth belongs to God it's in his hands and under his control I'm not afraid because I trust my God and His Son Jesus Christ.
What areyour thoughts on north korea threatening an imminent nuclear strike tomorrow????
I don't believe any of the end times predictions because God chooses when it ends not humans
Oh brother, not the end again I'm still trying to get rid of my dooms day rations for the Mayan calender Apocalypse, any one in the market for dehydrated food, last for decades and taste like shit.
Now this was cute wasn't it? This shit will never happen.
Your prediction rights should be revoked! 👎
Gary never answers anybody, stop asking this puppet.
Maybe a small part of it will hit us enough to be called a meteor.
So fools say every time a huge astroid hit's. a new generations of live will begin? The dinosaurs died because they were dump. and I saw lots of videos huge as rock hitting earth and after it hits the earth, it became a god dam sun...if the astroid hit earth long long ago why isn't it earth still covered with lava?
17 days after the predicted end of the world, and we are still here.
...... I think I see it coming , I hear something , sum bitc
Dude!!2 weeks has past by. Another false prophet.
Mentira do caraí! nós já está no dia 25 de março e num aconteceu porra nenhuma!
International Women's Day Lol
Oh look another lie, how wonderful,*eats popcorn*
What is destined shall be ! my heart and soul is with the lord so i am excited to possibly go home !
It's past March 8th people need to take a chill pill
This is simply superstition.
It is 9pm March 9th, 72 hours later, and we're still here.What's up with all the doomsday reports?Just stop!
Local weather reports large hail ball at a town near you so get your umbrellas if your going shopping. oh and pick up a bag of ice on your way out.
Well Nothing happened...Looks like you screwed it up again...your like the overpaid weatherman..never right .
It is 12 of may we haven't died
Hmm seems we survived yet again wow so when is the next end of the world day i know one has been picked lol
Well...here i am..past 48 hours from this video has been posted...and i guess we can call out all the fear mongering religulous pasters ....
Gary, the only thing I don't like is the music you play at the end; sounds like movie credit music.
Another fear monger
If people believe the end of the world is in 48 hours, then why would they stock up on supplies lol
Apparently the world is still here intact. It did not come to an end. But I am sure Jesus is on His way. Be prapered in your heart of hearts. Call on His name, give your life to Christ. He is your true peace.
30m size asteroid IS NOT a extinction level size, calm down folks
Umm im still here...
Why report on this garbage? This happens every year, some bunch of nutters climb in their shelters only to come out again because NOTHING HAPPENS. How they don't feel completely stupid for thinking these things is beyond me. I doubt the world will end in a boom like this. The decline of man is already under way and is going to beslow and painful death unfortunately.
Earth 's flat. love all, and all shall be well.
Well are the worlds "vips" scrambling?
Lol 48 hours! I call big time bull shit! why I call BS on this because it's June 8 2016 and the only thing that has changed is people are dummer then they were yesterday! if you live in fear you are going to spend your money on the wrong things. wake up people because you still have to go to work today and tomorrow and the next day and the next day and so on and so on!
Hey look March, 30, 2016 not the end of the world
Noting is going to happen
Calling it ahead of time....HA! nothing happened....
What did he say no one in the uk was stocking up on food etc hahaha only American's swallow this shit lol .
Oooh, da' sun goin' dawk. We's gonna' die!
Stupid abrahamism is a satanic doctrine
😂😂😂definitely the end of the world
Published 5 days ago. Dude it's already been 48 hours
This is so not real #Fake
Please stop spreading fear. It's really getting old now.
Super full moon whaaat the moon is dark now there is no full moon till march 23 what gives? sounds like some false info
A solar eclipse and a full moon at the same time? How is that possible you fucking moron?
Oh look we're still here what a fucking surprise
It might be the ZOMBIE apocalypse.
Your anchorman needs to be off to one side so you can see your logo, that is the whole point of putting it up there....or of course move the logo.
It's March 10th ? We're still here !
Ok so today is march 11th so should you not take this down ??? we are still alive !!!!!!
Times up! about 8 days ago! time to take down the video!
Is already March 8... THEN WHY DID IT NOT END?!
Haven't seen it yet. ...
We are still alive
My hopes and intentions are for use to live many more years, healthy and happy. This asteroid will clear us far and wide! :) Namaste
More fear news lol
Ahh it's march 15
Just like when the MAYAN CALENDAR ENDED! The thing is that a MAYAN "AGE" ended and a new began, but since the mayan empire is long lost, nobody cared to name the new age (the mayan calendar is ciclical).
You can't catch stupid, or cure it. What the fuck use is stockpiling food if the world is going to end???? Who the hell dreams this drivel up?????????
We are still here
BiblesAreONLYbooks . ThereAreNoGods . . . .. . . AtheismFreesMinds . . . Love&Science Hope&reason PEACE&biscuits ! ! !
Wow people think the world will end when they think it will end, you have to use the bible to look for it but you cant only god knows, but through my research when the slaves was brought over here in 1619, in the lord said he will but them in slavery for 400 years in curse them because they didnt listen to the law, 1619+400=2019... Im not saying the world will end in 2019 but something will happen there that will change history, or maybe just these kingdoms, in the people who were brought over here..... Look God vs Science, Science says we came from water then monkeys, but the bible says we were made from the dirt of the ground, Science says the earth is round and it orbits, God says its without form and sits in one spot it those not move, Science says they can go to space, the bible says god put a firmament over the earth, Science says the moon in sun is millions of mills away, the bible says it is in the firmament thats means its not far as you think it is O_O. Science says they found giant people, the bible says it were those big people there too in noahs time, People think when the Revelation starts it will come out of no were as a chaos, According to my understanding its been here just waiting for the WW3=Tribulation to finish the job maybe the WW3 is tribulation im not gonna give that a 100%. Belivers are waiting for the false jesus to come out of no were to show miracles and in trick people, according to the bible hes been here, in movies, plays, Google pictures,Some people think God has left us in went to heaven, to my understanding yes but he has never left he was in the clouds with hisangels in chariots waiting on his time to destroy the wicked the whole time, people thinks theirs aliens because science have evidence of UFOS, But them same UFOS the world think is aliens are actually gods Chariots, Some people dont believe in god because of science they told you aliens are flying around with ufos in making peace with them, but no them same chariots of god will destroy them of there wickedness, in some stupid people are gonna fight against does same UFOS=Chariots thinking there helping mankind when there actually are fighting against God, you think they make those aliens movies for nothing, in you dont believe in mind control well they got you... you think the children of god didnt know this knowledge the children of god is the ones that built the pyramids if so they had to have some type of knowledge, in you think aliens built the pyramids no gods children was the ones that built the pyramids, its that knowledge they had that the Egyptians didnt understand, He enslaved them so they cant never leave, but god didnt let that go down, in after they were left slavery in Egypt they had peace for a little bit, but they disobeyed the lord in went into slavery again, its like the kingdoms slaved them so they can built there nation or kingdom, in everytime they slaved them in made them build there nation or kingdom they had the best nation or kingdom everytime, for centuries they knew who ever enslaved the children of god there kingdom will be the best out of all nations even to this day O_O. And you wonder why america is the only one with freedom, Lots of things i get even name, while the other country are suffering even Israel they claim to be the holy land, I wonder whats at arera 51 anyways when there nothing to really hide unless there is just not what the whole world is think, in im not saying theres not aliens yea there is but there were alive when noah was, in there were giants, watchers, that were born from humans, so i dont understand why they think there were aliens that are smarter then us that was alive billions of years before we were. in i guess when God said in the beginning he ment aliens and there planets, nope in the beginning the earth in its surrounding and us humans.. IN many says theres a outer space lol yea a inner space were the sun in moons sits,in there gonna say what about the ufos that crashed on earth, i can say well there really is a war in heaven Good vs Evil, there can falling angels that have chariots in good angles that have chariots, or maybe just the good ones that have chariots only, not 100% sure about this one... Ok im gonna stop texting now i rote to much.. Peace
Were still here darn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People are not stocking up in the UK its not even being talked about. how many people are stocking up 1or2 for the Express to say that. just more missleading headlines from the Express
Well that was eventful
Oops wrong again
Nothing happened
This is B S.
Bitch it's past us
It is stupid to waste your money and energy on something you have absolutely no control over, just live in the moment and don't let fear mongers real you in. Love and light
+James the bible says "every knee shall bend and every tongue confess" you WILL believe eventually. even if it's after the tribulation and you are one that needs to see to believe.
Yes it can end
I am still here.Made me buy 200 cans of SPAM and Tuna.All these idiots predicting the End of the World so many times.
Well still here. I'm intrigued if the world ended for some, as this would seem kinda tricky seeing as world for most of us appears to be still here??? I think it may be time to leave the blue M&M's alone now.
Shame on you people for spreading this ridiculous propaganda. There are people with death and doomsday anxiety who just want to make it through the day without having to deal with all of this shit, and you're telling everyone to warn their friends on facebook? Warn them of what? what happened yesterday? NOTHING! I'm sick of youtubers working people into a panic so they can make money/get views. People with severe anxiety commit suicide over these rumors. I feel so sorry for the people who believed this and altered their lives because of it. Seriously, shame on you. I can't even say that enough.
Are you freaking serious?! That is a lie people always say that this will be the end of the world that will be the end of the world people don't believe this you're being tricked by retards we never know when is the end of the world IT'S NOT HAPPENING NOW BECAUSE IF IT WAS IT WOULD BE ALL OVER THE FREAKING NEWS!!! God just don't believe them if you don't believe me then let's see what happens on Wednesday I just can't wait to PROVE YOU FREAKING NONBELIEVERS WRONG
Oh god again who cares if is the end of the world if it was Obama wouldn't buy a villa in Dubai for his retirement
Hasnt happened yet
Anyone else still here April 21 2016
WE ARE STILL HERE....................LMAO! Some people are so stupid....
Hu, mmmm....still here...............................
Hellooooooooo Anyone their fuck  must be all dead.
Dang these people here have no chill doode like march 8 pasted WERE ALIVE AND I BETTER NOT SEE THIS IN 2017
It pass the earth
Stupid 48 hours is 2 days this was posted since 4 days did the world end know? tell me if it did asshole

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