4 Types of Narcissism

Vanity and narcissism get interchanged so often that line of difference gets blurred. When thinking of narcissism, we often have the mental image of someone who is boastful, arrogant and self-centered. However, that is only a few of the symptoms that they display. Think of narcissism as a spectrum. On the far end, we have a healthy dose of self-esteem that manifests as confidence and self-assurance while we have the narcissistic personality disorder on the other end. Here, we talk about the four types of narcissistic personality traits. Do you consider yourself a narcissist? Content: Khole C - Script: Ariel Slack Voice Over: Jim Monteforte Animator: Surey Camacho Feedback Editor: Risha Maes Project Manager: Erin Bogo Producer: Psych2Go

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My dad is an actual narcissist. I'm not saying that either. it makes me mad when teens are like "oh yeah, my mom is so bipolar" when they are just being parents and the kid can't see that the parents are just doing their job so they use the word bipolar to make a point. But no. I mean my dad is an actual sociopath and a narcissist. he's insane. he tears everyone in out house apart physical and mentally.. I cant tell you how many times he started an argument just because he wants to win cause he knows me and my step mom can't do anything about it. he's so self centered and doesn't care about anyone but himself. he gloats all the time and talks about how much better he is than us. he puts us all down all the time and points out all our flaws and nags at it. it's horrible and it's driven me to have many mental disorders as well. As my opinion and recommendation only, please don't incorrectly use mental disorders as an "explanation" for a parent that didn't let you go to that party, or is making you clean your room, it's disrespectful to the people that really have the illness or to the people that have to live and be around it.
And then there is TRUMP narcissism!
Who else thinks this describes Matt
"Is it narcissism if you're actually better than everyone else?"
I call someone who is narcissistic about their looks an "arsercist"
It's funny how Donald Trump fits all descriptions.
Littlefinger is the personification of Type 2
Can you do a video about empathy vs sympathy
I think I'm a covert narcissist ._.
Jews are narcissists. The parallels are remarkable.
Does a narcissism fell in love and change for that ?!
Lately, I and my friends just realized that one of my friends has this disorder. We thought she's like that because she's a single child. Then, we realized it's worse than that and by times we realize that our lives revolved around her. She started to bad talk people that seems normal to us, victimize every time she got troubles with other, using people to do her jobs, and boasting about unnecessary things. We're trying to avoid her and now she's kinda seeking attention on instagram, hoping people might revolve around her once more.
A true narcissist will never admit that he is one, he won't believe that he is one, let alone admit. They just think they are perfect, they think they are privileged to do evil things to others because of their super exceptional intelligence. They deeply believe they are the chosen ones. They like to control and set up traps and cause disorder between others so they can reach their goal. They are so vicious so that when you try to tell others about his truth intentions they won't believe you because he tricked them into thinking that he is not that type of person and he likes to act as a victim when he is the predator. Of course not all narcissists have the same personalities and interests just like all other human beings, but what's common about them is that they will do vicious things to reach their goal. Just be aware from them, If you've attacked or embarrassed a narcissists be prepared for his revenge even if takes him 20 years he won't forget what you did to him. What I'm talking about is a true narcissist a psychopath, don't tell me people who post their pictures on Instagram are narcissists, they just do it cause it's a trend now a days and we all do it.
I myself am not a narcissist but i was married to one for 11 years and i just realized this after watching the video and i am not sure he even knows that he is.
I'm a super shy guy with low self esteem, but I love working out and I have a pretty good physique. Am I a narcissist?
ATTENTION PUBLIC? PLEASE DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH(CHARACTER DEFECT)................................................................................
Covert narcissists are incredibly frustrating to deal with, because everybody except you are falling for their ways. vindictive narcissists are the worst kinds of bullies- too clever and apathetic to just outsmart, no matter what you do.
* has no confidence whatsoever * * hates myself * * shows no symptoms of any of these * Me: Yay * cries bc I will never be confident in myself *
Your mom's ass is a spectrum
NPD is especially not healthy when you're german and old enough to vote.
I think that people forget that actual narcissists watch these videos to learn more about their disorder. So it's very damaging when you bring in your subjective opinion and remarks into these types of educational videos. saying things like "they are dangerous" and "be warned" aren't helping anyone
Canyou imagine someone having all 4 of those.
I’m somewhere on there.
People with npd are not evil or draining :/
"NPDcan only be diagnosed by a professional" - how utterly lost is that comment?
Jesus is the cure of narcissism..
Lol I’m a cerebral narcissist XD, time to never leave my room
I thought I was a really shitty person, now at least I know I'm not a narcissist
I lean towards number three so excuse me while i suck that dick big boi. These videos are tighter than my b-hole before Valentine's Day keep me I mean keep them cuming. Love you long time -MSC
They should be perished...I had an ex friend who is a covert narcissistand they are evil.
I shave my balls and then my face cause I´m okay with my body.
Narcissistic Ed Sheeran: "I'm in love with the shape of me"
I can relate to being an overt narcissist
Isn't covert narcissism just sociopathy in that case?
So actually everyone get identified with this
I had sex with a vindictive narccisist's ex girlfriend and he's been out to get me for the last 2.5 years,these people can be impossible to sympathize with
What about helping others to feel better? Edit: I like to help people to make myself feel like a better person. I always think about meeting someone who I'll have to take care of and helping that person will help me feel like a better person and will help the person get better. Is that something else?
I’m a little somatic and cerebral
If your worried about bieng a sociopath,narcissist or any other bad person,dont. If you were it wouldnt bother you
My dad has vindictive narcissism and it sucks. From 5 years old and on me has trashed talked about my mother because she left him. She left because he would go to strip clubs, beat us, cuss us out, become a drunk, and would cheat on her.
I don't think it's healthy to think of narcissism when viewing people. The root of people's behavior is never to belittle anyone. They just want to feel good. Never take anything anyone does personally. In fact. If people are like this, you can vibe with them and act kind of like you do what you want. It's not bad at all. Humanity is in its own side. Nobody is against you. Just love everyone and everything will be great. I can assure it
I think I am a cerebral narcissist. Damn.
Can a narcissist surround himself with other narcissists? Would that amplify a narcissist?
It's always sunny
Oh boy here come the self-diagnosers.
I kind of think that I'm beautiful and smarter than most people, but at the same time I'm very empathetic and not crazy enough to just state "I am better than most of you people!". Am I narcissistic? edit: this video got me thinking, and I noticed that I am guilty of fishing for compliments sometimes. And yeah, most likely I'm just a normie, somewhere in the middle. I believe it's important to acknowledge our own flaws instead of looking for them in other people. I have a fear of being a hypocrite, so I hope I am actually following what I'm saying here irl.
I am not a narcissist I am just a cerebral demigod.
I am the complete opposite. I hate myself but try to help others.
Are we not gonna mention how the guys sucking his dick in seductive narcisism
I have most of the traits for a Cerebral Narcissist, I'm part of the Seductive Category, I'm fucked, I've done it many times before but I still get the newtons cradle effect as normal people do. I knew it was something....
What's wrong with being fit/ attractive/ intelligent/ funny, that sounds like a cool person to be around
Why does the somatic woman have a moustache?
Welp. All of my classmates when i was in school were narcissists. Neat.
As someone whose exactly the opposite (someone who undervalues themselves), I always think any sort of self compliment that comes out of my brain thinks I’m a narcissistic piece of shit bastard. That’s kind of also the reason why I don’t accept compliments sometimes. I dunno if that’s exaggerating or anything, but I just wanted to put it out there...
I know someone that’s narcissistic and I hate it. A few years ago they weren’t like this but now they are. They’re like the second one. It’s a pain in ass to deal with them. The person won’t admit they’re narcissistic no matter what. Doesn’t matter how hard you try they won’t admit it. I haven’t spoken with that person for a while cause the last thing they told me “you should just kill yourself.” :(
Isn't everyone a Narcissist then?
Narcissists cut the back of their mouths and eyes so deep that you can see them in their shadows
I'm kind of narcisisstic, nothing like people represented in this video, but I do think I am better than most people in many ways. But then again, I've had a lot of people say this to me themselves, so I'm kind of just being realistic. This however, does not mean I look down on anyone, and I never openly say any of this (for example, when I am complimented on whatever, a lot of times I deny it even though I actually agree with it)... Does anyone else relate?
What if if pretty sure I'm a narcissist and don't care...
Well I just discovered that I'm a cerebral covert narcissist.
Stop shedding light on us, we want to wreck havoc and stare at ourselves in the mirror in peace.
2:15 oh my god I really thought that little character was sucking something...
I've known a few of these types of people 😂😂
She was a seducticve narcissist, well ill be damned. And crushed
The comment section is cancer disable the comments please
Narcissism is a white whale.
Is it still narcissism if you really are generally better at things than other people
So I like attention and the good feeling I get (as in I feel like I'm a better person, sometimes better than others) when I try to help others and listen to their problems. (Keyword: try). Would that make me narcissistic or just selfishly sympathetic? Also: is there a way to change mindsets/habits to not feel "above others" or so narcissistic? Because humility is an admirable trait for me, and I'd really like to be a better person than I am now. Thanks for reading, and hopefully a response.
Im a cerebral narcissist and im ashamed of what i am
This guy is an idiot
2:20 I swear he was sucking his dick
I guess I'm both somatic and cerebral. I'm fucking awesome
Apparently a few of my old friends are covert narcissists.
Nah, fuck this shit, why would you go to a doctor ahahah not a real ploblem
Too many "I know someone like this", and not enough "I'm like this"
Que ridícula essa patologização generalizada dos comportamentos humanos. Não é rotulando dessa maneira ridícula que vamos nos tornar pessoas melhores.
Omg my ex crush from middleschool really is a fucking narcissist
Everybody is a narcissist in their own way. Now days we just use it describe anyone we don't like. We all lie, we all get angry, and we're all a little vindictive.
I'm gay
Why would I be scared of being a narcasist its a real confidence Booster and I'm better than everyone else
My sister is no.2....
Okay well what if you have acne and it makes you insecure and you stare everyday to see if it's getting better? I am very confused with this whole shit because I am not boastful at all? I am really confused man like i get so worried about it cause i learn to treat people good but when they wrong me i hold grudges so is that normal or what?
Onion Boi is an egotistical narcissist btw
Ima haaaaard number 2
Vindictive Narcissism sounds cool!
Narcissists? How about fucking geniuses?
Insomnia let me sleep
Is a sometic narcissist a Jew??
I am covert
788 narcissist people disliked this video
Psichology is pseudoscience
You're welcome.
Iv got a number 3/4 trying to destroy me ...it's been going on for years. ...disgusting horrific people. ..but really they can't be classed as humans!!!
I think I may be a cerebral narcissist, Because I get my self worth of being more intelligent than others. But I'm an introvert. I'm sorry. I'm 12, I'm not a stereotypical Millenial wanting wanting likes on social media, I do not like social media. But when I am threatened my a rival intellectual it drains me and gives me low self esteem, then I try to beat them, (I shouldn't). Am Ia narcissist?
Pff... I am a narcissist myself, I show my good sides to the world. So what? I have my good sides that just need to be shown. I can easily recognize myself in all 4 the types of narcissism. 1) I bully my friends in a sneaky way, so they feel themself uncomfortable with themselves. This gives me a huge boost in self confidence. 2) Seems logical to me that you use people to gain whatever you want. 3) I use this method especially against girls, because the feedback I receive from them feels so fucking great. I dont care how other people feel, as long as I am happy with myself. 4) For example: a friend of mine was had a crush on a girl. This made me fucking jealous, and I thought that I needed to do something about it. So, I made out with that girl on a party where he was, so he could see it. Of course, this wasnt the end. He was mad at me for this reason, so I was chatting shit about him against everybody, also against his crush. I'm glad that I ve told my wonderfull stories, and I dont fucking care what you think of me😎
OCD fear of being a narrcicist it'd be nice if this shit stopped showing up
So you're saying that when I get super happy and motivated from getting likes on my track on SoundCloud that makes me a narcissist??

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