4 different types of intelligence

Valuetainment Episode #138: Which one of these do you currently possess and which one do you have yet to acquire or get better at? Read 8 Lessons in Military Leadership by Robert Kiyosaki: Order Second Chance here: Watch the interview with Robert Kiyosaki and Patrick Bet-David:To see more videos from Entrepreneur Network partner, Patrick Bet-David check out VALUETAINMENT

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Hey Patrick. Your channel is awesome! I'm new to your channel and wanted to check the video where you interviewed Robert Kiyosaki but the link doesn't work anymore? Any chance it is still available?
1) Will power 2) Decision making ability 3) grasping power 4) Therotical and technical knowledge Respectively..
This brought me here
Hi Patrick, please let me know what is verbal intelligence and non verbal intelligence
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With all this said, thinking of myself I would say I have a high spiritual, physical and mental intelligence. I have a fairly decent emotional intelligence to the point I don't freak out about things and can calm myself down when stuff goes south but aside from that it's blah.
I have physical intelligence method of learning
There is only general intelegence
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Could you please tell me how to start making videos just like you?
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'Spiritual intelligence' just sounds like a fancy buzzword for optimism. Just saying. Also, I disagree with 'mental intelligence' being ranked as the 'lowest'. Why would it be ranked the lowest for an aspiring theoretical physicist, for instance? I think at one point you should have mentioned that the ranking is for aspiring entrepreneurs according to you, and doesn't necessarily apply to everyone.
The four types of intelligence :1) spiritual intelligence2) emotional intelligence3) physical intelligence4) mental intelligence
The first three intelligences are 90% born and 10% learned. The last one is 100% learned.
Playing chess increases these 4 types of intelligence
Spiritual intelligence: the will power to act and get things done Emotional intelligence: the ability to react wisely and stay on the war with no hesitation on the crises. Physical intellegience: the ability to see and imitate people when they see the master and they are capable to doing the job as good as the master as early as possible. Mental intellegience: the books power whether readingregular books or going to have a degree
Are you in a book selling business like Robert Kiyosaki
I would recommend my friends in business about this video Patrick
All of this is from the book "Cashflow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki, just sayin'
There's a reason why school is focused on the lowest level of intelligence according to Robert, Huge Fortune 500 companies need workers smart enough to do their job, but not smart enough to ask " why Iam doing this?!?"
Well said!
Where would you put the 'creative' types though- writers, painters, inventors etc?
From all what you said i think i am more physically and emotionally intelligent. i am not spiritually intelligent, because i don't believe in anything (religions, faith, karma etc.) very interesting topic to be honest. i wonder if you can work on your intelligence based on those 4 types
This is all pseudo science. people stay in school
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45 seconds in and all I heard was shitty advertisement of someones books. Fuck off and die in a cave.
Sprachliche Intelligenz logisch-mathematische Intelligenz räumliche Intelligenz musikalische Intelligenz soziale Intelligenz Handlungsintelligenz
David blaine got them all
I was scepticle at first but i now believe what you're talking about
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How to increase physical intelligence
4 different types of intelligence 1.Spiritual intelligence (Highest Level): Have an unwavering faith or will to make things happen 2.Emotional Intelligence: Know how to react to crisis times 3.Physical Intelligence: Have an incredible energy to learn and do things 4.Mental Intelligence: Have degrees, Books smart
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Shalom, love your videos man.... You are just, how do I say, "intelligent?" Seriously though, keep up the great work and uploads! Thank you.
Valuable Content I had never thought of individually. Thank you for your great videos!
I used all 4 types of intelligence to dislike this fucking clickbait video
Where is creative intelligence, intuition and many many more type of intelligence which helps in tasks like creating new and affordable electric cars and cheap rockets and creating new equations which says the property of univears
Still going- great video.
Patrick, I'm a new and huge fan. love listening to your videos.
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Great stuff
Second chance is amazing.
WOW...I have no other words to express...WOW
"mental intelligence" how you call it, is the foundation for your actions. As we say in Germany "erst kommt das Handwerk, dann die Kunst". First the craftmanship then the art. If don´t learn the paragraphs of corporate law I cannot play with articulations in my contracts.
Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. -Stephen Hawking
Not one mention of the type of intelligence required to interact with other humans?
I think this would make more sense to people if we put better examples for the categories or articulated the meaning better. Spiritual Intelligence (Philosophical Intelligence/Truly Understanding why you shouldn't be a crappy human being) - This is the type of intelligence that is learned through suffering and living life. - Even when life beats you up, you can endure it and keep it positive when statistically it will look like you will fail - Ex. It's common sense not to steal or kill but there are many famous serial killers with high IQ's. Emotional Intelligence - reading other peoples body language, tone, and facial expressions - shutting your mouth even if you know you're right - understanding other people so you can find out what their needs are or if you can build a relationship and trust them Physical Intelligence - common sense - "street" smart style - using math in real life situations or being able to figure out how to use the math in real life situations - "Applicable" intelligence Mental Intelligence - rote learning - memorizing - solving math when given an equation. Note: Disadvantage is people with strong mental intelligence might get lazy or may be good at learning business in books but pisses people off in person to make them not want to do business with them. Most true genius' and "smart" people do not think they are "smart". You're probably not that smart if you think you are. I love it when people tell me how smart they are. Thanks for the content Pat. This video was a little bit on the weak side because of how many people misinterpreted the message. Respectfully, Tom Park
Hearing no. 1 and im out
Lol, "the least important type of intelligence is mental intelligence". Important to who? An idiot?
Can you please make a video about good books you have read and which were the best(game changer books)..... and finally, nice video.
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I really wanted to buy the book called law of success but there's no law of success in amazon :(
Know how to react correctly
You should write a brief overview of the video in the description so that people may find the information faster.
Kinda ironic how mental intelligence is at the bottom but through mental intelligence is where you get this information which lead to opening your mind and learning about the other intelligence. So by that perspective, I see mental intelligence as the strongest of them all no?
It would be nice if you made a video about spirituality or emotional intelligence.
This channel is one of a kind ! Gives me a lot of insight to pursue my business dream !
It made my day..merry christmas Pat!
I feel like im on a boat
Know how you learn
The most important and highest level is the spiritual intelligence. "It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win." -General Douglas Mac Arthur; emotional intelligence is about how we react in time of crisis; physical intelligence means quickly learning how to do things; mental intelligence is being book smart or having a degree.
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They're all important
Man what's your business plan
Wtf did this video have to do with elon musk?
Should I focus and grow all 4 types ofintelligence or is spiritual the only one u should focus on.
I found this interesting that mental intelligence is the least important, but by your example it makes since. I love that spiritual intelligence is first because without belief from within your mental intelligence means nothing
Hey patrick, is it okay if i put the link to this video in my article? Would be much appreciated. Thank You
Hi patrick! A couple of things that caught my attention here. First of all. It seems wrong to talk about this list as a general fact when it comes down to intelligence. I would say it depends on what your doing in life, what goals you have etc. And it's easy to put "mental intelligence" as number 4 on the list above, when you only mention like 10 % of what it is. x) The other thing is more of a question than opinions. What are your thoughts about "social intelligence"? Seems to me like an important type, and I thought you would mention something about it in this video.
You have some great information on your channel Patrick!I'm new to your channel but it's already become something I listen to in the morning when I'm starting my day and at night so the thoughts will be in my mind as I fall asleep.Thanks for uploading all this information.
Interesting. I've always asked the question to people "how do you define intelligence?"It all started when I noticed sometimes people would say upon meeting someone "that person is very intelligent."and I wondered...how do you define it? I've received different opinions each time and all have been very thought provoking. One person told me "Smart people are the ones who have a vision, a plan, and know what they want to do." Another person told me "Intelligence is knowing what to do and say at the right time." I've hear many differing thoughts and encourage anyone to ask this question and see what kind of responses they get, if anything its a great conversation to have. Beyond asking this question however, I've started to really watch and analyze people. I have to say that comedians and musicians I think, are some of the most intelligent people. Their ability to create content, connect emotionally with people, and bring their vision to reality is incredible. Not to say they are the most intelligent people but definitely something worthnoticing.
I think it will be better if you can post a videos on how to improve those areas of intelligence.thank you!
Hey Patrick Although spiritual intelligence is most important in Roberts eyes, do you believe having a good balance of all 4 is more important than specializing in 1?
Have faith
You're the Real Deal! again thank you Pat!
Wonderfool video
Im a new fan. You keep it real bro, no selling of nonsense and useless opinions. Just one constructive criticism though, try to keep the talk a little shorter. You are trying to give knowledge and inspire people so I think you get very enthusiastic and over explain details. Majority adults these days have ADHD due to constant mobile social media, email, texting etc. Just my 2 pennies. Keep up the good work bro.
This video is ancient aliens kind of intelligence...
Help me pls
Good day Patrick I listened to your video, very interesting and it made me think...after analyzing myself, I got to say that I have a weakness;my emotional intelligence could be a lot better.Would you have any suggestions on a good book about emotional intelligence?
This sounds like a way for non-intelligent people to not only pretend they are intelligent but some how superior to actually intelligent people
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Pat, how do I make my mental intelligence became spiritual or Emotional? By action?
Elon Musk? Thumbs down.
“For we live by FAITH, not by sight.” ‭‭ -2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬ What you perceive is what you see... Thanks for the great videos Patrick and amazing mentoring, you truly inspired me to seek and learn more to life and its successes.
I have realized the areas of intelligence I need to work on, but I do not know what to do to improve them. Any plan or any idea? Thank you very much. This channel is like a fortune for me.
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Very true, I agree.
Not sure If i agree with your definition of emotional intelligence.. hmm. Spiritual intelligence is interesting I know too many logical people who are actually restricted by it.
Please vote who is better This guy or Tai lopez
Awesome video, Pat!
What religion are you?
I love what hes doing please keep your emotional intelligence up
Value Entertainment eh? This was entertaining I have to say. Don't think it holds any value though.
This was great...thanks

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4 different types of intelligence