3D-tools, FAST - video-1: Transformation Matrix

3D-tools, FAST - video-1: "Transformation Matrix Manipulations: Rotations (Roll-Pitch-Yaw, Euler Angles, Angle-Vector)" This series of animations were created in MATLAB using 3D-visualization tools developed at FAST-Lab. In order to exemplify capability of the tools, a set of videos demonstrates some functions in the Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB (earlier introduced in independent work of Peter Corke, ) including transformation matrix manipulations, kinematics, dynamics, and trajectory generation.

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It´s a good video!!
In the euler Z-Y-Z sequence, the video is showing rotation w.r.t body frame whereas the resulting rotation matrix is calculated by pre-multiply, which is not correct. When the rotations are performed as w.r.t the body frame, the resulting rotation matrix is calculated by post multiplication whereas, when performing rotations w.r.t fixed frame, the resulting rotation matrix is calculated by pre multiplication

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A4. The Rotation Matrix

The rotation matrix and a derivation of the transformation of coordinates between a rotated frame and the original frame of reference.

3D-tools, FAST - video-1: Transformation Matrix