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A short video to outline 3 of the best ways to structure your literature review, no matter what your subject. For more info check out my blog:

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Thank you very much, this was very informative
For a moment there I thought this video was going to be drawing phallic symbols showing how all the Areas come together.
Almost fell asleep....
Is this Sean Bean? talking ?
Where abouts in the North East are you from?
Literally can skip the intro...
This makes a lot of sense especially with the diagrams, thankyou!
You know what man. Great video....but what would greatly help is if you could fast forward what you are writing so that it is on par with what you are speaking.
Very helpful video. Thank you for uploading. Are there any good articles on this topic?
Super. Clear, concise.
Your monotone killed me lol, however, thank you kindly for the first two methods, ill use the first one.
Thanks for the video, but it was so boring and monotone. How is anyone supposed to feel enthusiastic about writing a literature review if the person speaking about it sounds depressed as hell. Lol.
Amazing thaaank you sooooo much
Examples please!highly unuseful!!!
Thanks for the video!
Thanks great video, after hours of reading it is great to find videos such as this that can sum up the entire process in a succinct and logical way. best 8.40 minutes spent on understanding this. How can so many others take so long or write so much and still not get the point across as easily is staggering

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3 ways to structure your Literature Review.mp4