3 Types of Vision Boards for Entrepreneurs

3 Types of Vision Boards for Entrepreneurs-Most people have heard of creating a vision board and applying the law of attraction for success. However, there are actually three vision boards that every entrepreneur should have and each one serves a different purpose. Patrick shares some old pictures of his first vision boards in the U.S Army, to his most recent vision boards that have driven him to entrepreneurial success and millionaire status. Valuetainment- The best channel for new, startup and established entrepreneurs. Schedule: New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday on a broad array of entrepreneurial topics. To see more videos from Entrepreneur Network partner, Patrick Bet-David check out VALUETAINMENT

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You actually framed your vision board, I think that is very important to do. because that shows how much you cared about your vision board, I will fram my vision board too.
I am putting a check from god and universe of 100000 and 50000 on mine. For new job
If you're LOOKING FOR IDEAS TO CREATE A MORE PASSIONATE LIFE Check this out! Ibelieve in vision boards.... listen to this guy...I took notes he has great Ideas..they work! Happy Sunday Pray Today and GET YOUR VISION BOARD ON!!!!
This is the best explanation of a vision board. I cant wait to start mine
Dang Pat you were really handsome
Thank you for sharing this!!!
I am going to recreate my vision board
Best channel on youtube! By far!
Nice, didn't know you had a video on this topic, as I am working on my own right now.
I am going to build my vision board just now.
Where can I find old magazines for cheap to make this?
This is such a good idea, I'm definitely going to be doing this,thank you for all of your insight.
Thank you very much!I am currently putting one together.I've never done it before but as I'm putting it together I'm getting fired up!
All your videos are gold.. Thank you so much! Life changing!
I also feel that a vision board should be that inspiring and meaningful to you that you want to take it everywhere you go.
I wonder is it to late for me and my husband,we in our mid 40s
Hello sir, I am a prior K9 handler from the USMC and aspiring entrepreneur; I just want to share how you've helped me. I have failed one time already at starting a bed bug detection business and it cost me a lot of time, sanity, money and a friend. I was lost until I found a mentor and started asking him for advice. He asked me two questions: what are your core values, and what do you want to do with your life? I left his office crying after he shattered my ego and got me to realize my behavior and ego was my main problem. . . Later on, roughly a week ago, I found a video you made at a seminar you gave on entrepreneurs, and ironically I lost my 4th job after moving to Arizona, within the last two months...your work/mentorship has been the most valuable information I have come across besides failure and the experience gained through persisting. I've been watching your videos, taking notes, listening to your recommendations and it has helped propel me closer to my goal. I watched a video of you and two of your associates talking in front of your cars and I gained one of the best pieces of advice from that video. You/they mentioned a book called 'Outwitting the Devil' by Napoleon Hill and after the video I found it in an audiobook online and listened to the whole thing. That book changed my life, but so has your philosophies and advice for business. I have created a vision board of what I want my life to be.I'm working on another right now to construct my business, but after this video I realized I need some pictures. ;) I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do and sharing all this information. I can't thank you enough.Brandon Coleman
I love @valuetainment so much. So many videos and even articles I read for years and none has answered my questions and provided so much value and understanding as a 20-year-old entrepreneur like valuetainment. I watch this channel everyday almost all day. This has become the only channel that I watch on youtube related to business. I don't watch T.V but if I did, this would be the only channel I'd watch. So suprised that they only have 316k subscribers.
You are an inspiration and i will put you on my vision board. I have served in the army aswell and i understand and relate to your struggle growing up in Africa(me). My biggest inspiration is to change those lives of kids they show us on tv with no food, water and shelter. What better thing is there that can inspire a human being to get rich just to help the poorest and helpless. Please continue with your work and one day soon i will show you my success because am not to fail.God Willing..
Thanks for these... I will be adding "You reap what you sow". Because in Entrepreneurial life, the same formula applies. Like if you go to the gym and put effort and time, You ought to have the the results!
I did not see NIKOLA TESLA on your's
Every time I watch this.I always find something new to learn... thank you for taking action to share this idea..
2 secrets of success 1 never reveal all you know
It s funny cos I have been doing this from a very young age . I always had vision board .
Can you do more women entrepreneurs?!?!!?!
Very interesting now I understand the secret of success....i will try that
Is it okay if i keep my "vision board" on my phone so that i can see it everyday? Instead of physically having a board in my room, do you think by having it on my phone it could have the same effect on me?
Im getting into this - cheers!
Thank you my friend. I am going through a really tough time right now (career wise) and you're videos always bring me peace. I'm self employed, earn decent money and absolutely hate what I do. I don't know how to delegate and I'm burning myself out and stressing myself out to the point where my stomachs hurts. Your videos are teaching me so much brother.
Still going- just finished my first notebook (70 pages, 140 front and back) of notes. As always great video. I'll be making a vision board this weekend.
"...big bathroom, my bathroom is so big right now, it's insane.." 😂 niiice. buying materials after work and a big antique frame! awesome video. made the visions more attainable with your advice, thank you!
Over and over you bring content that helps.there's nothing like getting fired up.Personally I like audio. Music that just clicks and makes you feel like you really can't be stopped. When you believe it, it becomes true
Hi! im from South Africa. we have many chalenges here regarding entreprenuership and getting funding etc. but we have BIG dreams for the future especially 2017 and for the first time in a long time i feel ready and inspired to flourish not just survive! Thank you for your advise it will be put to good use!
I use instagram for my visión board every morning
Where did you get the READ bookshelf
Thank you very much for this priceless advise sir/mentor PBD. I'll start making my vision board and will surely and definitely include you in it in the great minds and achievers section of my board. :)
POWERFUL &ENLIGHTENING.... Out of all the videos I've watched in reference to this subject...Your video helped me see the reason to take the time to do this and the value it would add ultimately to my life.... Now my children will have to do one also& it will be due by the end of next week...
I have to say this guy knows how to do videos and really inspired me to finally go through with actually making a vision board.Fantastic video, I will definitely send you mine and hopefully you see it and give me some feedback on it. look forward to hearing from you Patrick Phil
Wow. Can't wait to finish my vision board. I'm feeling fired up already
The DuPont Registry Exotic Cars n Homes.
I consider myself a man of science, but when I tested the vision board it works. I said that I want to meet a girl that has a first name that start's with a K. I met three girls in a row who's names started with a K. That is evidence to me that the universe works in mysterious ways that is yet to be discovered. It could also be a very big coincidence.
Thanks for this man. This is huge. Helped me in more ways than you'll ever know.
This is awesome,.
Hello..love your video..very informative..ty
I appreciate what you are doing. ...
Great talk on vision boards.I am working on my first one and got some excellent ideas from you keep up the good work.
Hey I loved your ideas of 3 boards can you make a video on How to use visualization technique. I made a vision book already now I loved this concept of vision board I am making them. Thanks Sine :)
Good Stuff!!!
"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain; Vision board: 1. Think about what you want it to represent; 2. Think about what feeling you want it to give you; 3. What's a good life?; 4. What makes life worth giving it everything you've got?; 5.When you're on your deathbed, what needs to happen for you to be satisfied with the life you've lived.
Thank you for this video about vision board! I visualize aspects in my live, but I have only wrtitten about it. The examples are great. All the visualisationI have framed Will be the wonderful inspiration. I'm an Entrepreneur and Columnist Young Entrepreneur is the name of my column at the local Newspaper. The vision board Will Be an incredible inspiration tool to me.
Thank you so much Pat!! not that I dont watch (almost) every video that you share (including the bizdoc) I am particulary happy to have found this one. Having tried just minutes before to find something valuable and inspirational on this topic on youtube, I was again reminded how valuable your content and videos actually are! You are ahead of the competition, by far!!! I am convinced the 1M subs are gonna happen. keep it up :)
Thank you 🙏🏼
Vision boards,thanks for the advice
Thanks for sharing!
Yes I started a vision board a half of year ago and it does wonders.I need to frame it also.Patrick I want to ask you is there anyway I could get in contact with you?I would like to pick your brain personally either on phone, video, or person.Does not matter what do I need to do to meet you?
You should subscribe if you wana learn
Hahahahaha @ 11:48 "National Enquirer is Terrible!"
What type of board did you use? Just a typical corkboard, and if so what adhesive did you use?
Thank you for this video. I thank you for being so unselfish with your knowledge. I subscribed and watch some content everyday. I don't like everything you say but the things I don't like are the very things that challenge me to become better. A lot of what I've learned from you has been the practicle application of principles that I may have heard before but didn't understand how to apply them to my business or personal life. Thank you again, Now I am beginning to see "The Light" Ms. J.
A lot of valuable information !!! Thanks for the those wonderfull tips !! just subcribed to your chanel
I was totally distracted by that amazing bookshelf set behind you!
Awesome Pat, you're the man for posting this! I've had a vision board for some time now. After I was unemployed for a period of time a few years back, staying focused and optimistic were the most important things in my life at that time. Your boards are next level!!💪💪
Yes! Visualization is so key 🔑. Great video. I remember my business coach showed me his vision board. I thought he was crazy! I don't think that anymore.
I'm most defiantly going to create a a vision board and post it on my wall
Im just watching your video..Decided to type your name into google, and congratulations man! My birthday is 18th October same as yours :)
Kanye West would be a big part of my vision board. I wanna love myself like Kanye loves himself.
If you still haven't started boosting(with debt) your content on other social networks yourself, you haven't really learned much from the rich dad :)
Have you ever listened to virus rock and moon light sonata 3rd on electric guitar its great
3 Types of Vision Boards for Entrepreneurs Key Takeaways: Types of vision boards: 1.Goals (Visual for life) 2.Mind (Philosophy and leadership) 3.Performance (High Achievers) Tools to build a vision board: 1.Pictures that matter to you 2.List of magazines 3.Old books of philosophies and faith 4.Quotes, sayings, images or places you want to visit, reminders of events that inspire you 5.Books of great athletes 6.Three different boards preferably 24 by36 ...Play a music that gets you going and have a glass of wine ;) when building your boards. "You can't depend on your eyes when you imagination is out of focus. - Mark Twain
Tri-vision endeavor:::>>> I have 3 vision boards in a room meant only for them. You are welcome to visit my channel
1 of the best, I have seen on vision boards... thanks for the info
I seen a small pic of Martin......I see you working.
Patrick you are a inspiration, I made a vision board about 2 years ago, and got into the university that I thought would be impossible to get into, I bought my first car without my parents money bmw 335i coupe, and started my own detailing company that is mobile! I love to see other Iranian's that love entrepreneurship! Please keep the video coming!
Excellent video! really inspiring!
Your channel itself is a great source of inspiration. I'll make a vision board soon after my exams and I'm making sure, Mr. David, that you're on it. Thanks for the great content. Looking forward for even more.
Another great vid Pat thank you!!
Thank you for sharing your ideas!!!
I tend to be more of a visual perosn and when I write down my vision on paper I sort of see it but this concept of the "vision board" is something I'm gong to start constructing today
I have my board on mobile in VISUAPP application. That is the first vision board in my life and it's working! I have already my dreams becoming true :)If you want it too you can find it here
I'm going to make my vision boards, thank you!
Former military guy myself. I'm on board. Vision board that is. Never to late to dream. Still dreaming and working at 62!
Hmm. . .interesting.
Thanks 💪
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Best and most comprehensive video I have seen on the topic! Keep it up!
Thank You so much and I can't wait to do this as well. You have been putting out incredible content.
Great channel. very good approach. good speaker!
You have talked about the importance of a visionboard for several times and I have always been very critical about the actual usage of it. But today I have realised that I'm always looking out for stuff that motivates me, waking up watching pictures of great places, nice houses and entertainers I look up to. I collect them and really give it a try!
Best advice, Mr Patrick, I just want to let you know that you are my A list online business mentor. I am building my business empire and you just always give me sdvises that keep me going. I am achieving, learning, growing and hungry. Thanks so much. Once I become a millionaire I will visit you in person to bring my thanks giving.
I just found your Channel. This Video motivated me to make a vision board and to work for my goals . Thanks
I don't think I can put in words how much I appreciate your videos, Sir, they're all very helpful to me and I cannot thank you enough for your work.
Love all the inspiration you provide!! Thank you!!!
Thank you for sharing this information.
That is powerfull !!! I really enjoy watching this videos,and most important, i´m gonna frame my vision board too..!!! Thank Patrick
Another amazing video! Wow!
Great video Pat! The amount of value you provide is enormous, keep it up!I've been waiting to see what you had to say about vision boards, you've given me a great amount to value, Also that "sounds of the earth" video was amazing, Thank you!
I love watching this. I never usually comment on these videos but when I saw the vision board where you spoke about Einstein with such passion, I just couldn't resist saying something. Albert Einstein has been an inspiration for me since I was about 14 years old and my brother bought me my first Einstein Poster. It was a typical black and white photo of an elderly Albert Einstein with his crazy hair all over the place and the quote : "Imagination is more important than knowledge". It was the first thing I saw when I woke up and the last thing I saw before I went to bed. I began to explore his life and work more and more over the years and never once have I felt like there was not more to learn about him. Thanks for creating and sharing this video.

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