10 Common Expressions in English

In this lesson you will learn 10 very common English expressions used in everyday conversation. Take a quiz on the lesson to test your understanding at

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In Brazil we use "Like the palm of my hand". 
I know your channel like the back of my hand cuz i visit it 24/7 and the main reason is cuz it  is for free and i dont have  any money to do an english course  i'm broken :( but i dont understand everything and  i need to take it easy so if you give me a hand with english i'll be very thankful. and before you stop making videos you should sleep on it. to be honest i am not such a big fan of doing the quiz.
Thanks ,god bless you ,love from china
You look alike Miley Cyrus in some angle!!!
I think this is best way to learn
I like Valen, she is so cute :)
Both her and her lessons are great.
I like it this is useful , and you a great teacher for ever 
Hello, Valen it´s wanderful yours class abaut English, I´m student of English and my effort it´s one Day I got speak English fluently, I believe it. Thank very much.
24/7 get the ball rolling take it easy sharp like the back of my hand  broke sick and tired  give me a hand  
I found the lecture of Valen, very interesting and useful for my English practice. if it is possible i need different materials to prepare my self for different international English tests. So that, please support me to be fluent speaker of English.   
Very helpful thank you
You're just so annoying if you disliked this video... it's just complete!
Thank you so much teacher. You are so help full. I do like your program very much
I like your confidence .........Valen
What a relax explanation as well,,,, great teacher
I really enjoyed it, thank you :)
You have taught us very well!  
Your beautiful style
Great video, thanks! In spanish we say like the palm of my hand instead of "the back".
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It was nice teacher with nice lessons
I like this...she touched my heart
I get the English ball rolling now
Ohh Thank you very much, in english classes from High school in spain, we never learned common expressions, only S-T-U-P-I-D vocabulary
Can you teach me miss Valen?? please!!
 Are you Married...;] ?
WOW! I ended up back here. *giggidy*
Enjoying and learning.
Very nice job,,,,,,Carry on ,,,,,,
That is intresting lesson !!! i like ur accent and ur appearance too miss Valen !!!
Thank u very much, all of your lessons r useful !!!!!!!!!
Sleep on it ;in ages
Thank you for this helpful video!!! GOOD
Thank you :)
Thx a lot
Thankyou for your wonderful expressions
Thanks wery much for this lesson, i'm at 8th grade and needed this very much. Thx!
Is it really available to say "in ages"  ?  we know they say "for ages" .
Good job Valen, I like the way you teach, keep going :)
Thank you for this information
Great tips. Thank you so much! o/
Superb class medam thank you very much....
Thank you Valen.
Very cool and useful .:))
Very nice to see
Thanks alot
កែវ គន្ថា
Thank you so much 
It's very nice  
Thanh you so much !
Thank you 
вроде норм
Thanks a lot 
Hi.good Thanks
The only word is great.. i subscribed
Nice helpful..
Hi valen,could you help me to improve my idioms.and give the best way to memorise it? Bcz theres many idioms in english and they are so important.thankyou valen,hope you know what i mean
Excellent and helpful
Good lesson mam.
Could u show how to use ...having
Great teacher
So, i'm broke :D
Thanks It really helped me alot
Thank you, its great.
Thanks mam...
Your lecture helped me a lot thank you.
Hii.., I like your teach,, I really enjoyed it.., thank's
Very usefull and giving clear expalnations. 
Hello Valen, you  are the best  teacher I see you next   my best okay
It is really good, thanks 
Thank u 
American English is not true English.
Thank you very much :) 
Wow, nice teacher, i love u
It's easy to understand, teacher is so nice, :) Thank you for your effort.
I love learning.
Thnx very helpful
I find the video very interesting because the teacher knows will carefully explain and netiende and served me a lot
Is awesome thank you for sharing
Very good writing 
Give me a hand to practice english
V. gooood teacher..... thanks
Hi mam I am your new student from India
Thank you very much,,, most of them are new for me...
I wish  you be  my teacher in my school .
Funny how you wrote meeting but then said meeding!!!
I appreciate what u are doing for us
Hi Valen. mm Isn't the expression TAKE IT EASY means also something like; do not be in trouble or let the problems  slither?
God bless you sis this tutorial  is very helpful and u  are really  have talent  to reach the info < i wanna ask something i hope u give me a hand :) i like poetry too much may i ask u some expressions belong to poetry , i will be grateful >>> again thank u for these exp , jesus our god bless u
This teacher should upload more videos

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10 Common Expressions in English